TOS+ Newsletter: Summer 2017

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TOS+ Newsletter: Summer 2017

Postby admin » Mon May 08, 2017 4:49 pm

TOS+ v5.140 available
The mid-summer update is available on the forum for those with active subscriptions (renew your subscription here if it has expired). Aside from bug fixes, I applied the errata published with the second printing of the Ultimate Equipment book!

NEW for 5TH ED
On the 5th edition side of things, user RiTz21 created the playable races from Volo's Guide to Monsters. These races are now available here on the Forum: Aasimar, Bugbear, Firbolg, Goblin, Goliath, Hobgoblin, Kenku, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orc, Tabaxi, Triton and Yuan-ti

  • CGM3:
    • Quickblade Fighter archetype (Advanced Archetypes II)
    • Green Martian Race, Jungle Lord and Warlord (Worldscape)
    • Highborn Fighter (Blood & Steel: The Fighter)
    • Learned Duelist (Inner Sea Combat)
  • hwaskins:
    • Gulch Gunner Gunslinger archetype (Advanced Race Guide)
  • Jinxs-3d:
    • Winged Marauder Alchemist Archetype (Goblin) (Monster Codex)
  • kendall_penn:
    • Slimy, Tarry and Shaggy Demodand (Bestiary 3)
    • Demon Flesh Golem (Fiend Folio)
  • phoenixget:
    • Dragon Exemplar (In the Company of Dragons)
    • Kineticist (Occult Adventures)
  • rumburak:
    • Drunken Master Sensei Qinggong Monk (Homebrew)
    • Waylayer Rogue Archetype (Dirty Tactics Toolbox)
    • White Hair Witch Archetype (Dragon Empires Primer)
  • admin:
    • Tattooed Sorcerer (Sorcerer Archetype) (Inner Sea Magic) [sponsored by finara]
    • Twilight Sage Arcanist Archetype (Advanced Class Origins)

NEW for D&D3.5
  • Changeling Spy (Monster Manual III) [shared by JohnSmith]
  • Darksong Knight (Homebrew) [sponsored by khansgod01]
  • Elemental Warrior prestige class (Planar Handbook) [sponsored by Phe0n1x]
  • Master of the Yuirwood prestige class (Unapproachable East) [sponsored by hukdriver]
  • Sacred Purifier prestige class (Libris Mortis) [sponsored by Uther2000]
  • Sharjan Lord template (Dangerous Dinizens: The Monsters of Tellene) [sponsored by Omegaman]

Happy Summer Gaming!
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Re: TOS+ Newsletter: Summer 2017

Postby admin » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:45 pm

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