TOS Newsletter June 12th, 2009

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TOS Newsletter June 12th, 2009

Post by admin » Sat May 30, 2009 12:54 am

NEW Update to TOS+
TOS+ v2.501 has been released. It fixed a few Gremlins, and added PF's Character Traits Web Enhancement (available here). Active subscribers can download this new update via the Download section of the Community Forum.

LOOKING for a Macintosh with Excel!
As you might know, TOS+ is not compatible with the Macintosh computer... This is simply because I do not have access to a Mac computer, and can't afford one. But perhaps you have an older Mac computer which you might be willing to donate for the cause? All I need is the ability to run the Mac excel version, which would allow me to make the proper changes to the Sheet!! In exchange, I will grant the giver a Permanent subscription to the Sheet and tag him as an EPIC Contributor! If this is something we can work out, please contact me vie my email at - THANKS!

NEW PbP seeking players: Duni's World Bazaar (hosted by Duniagdra)
The group of you are life-long friends, "brothers in crime". You have a tendency of causing trouble, but mostly it's all pranks, some of which go terribly wrong. Many in the village know of you and the trouble you've caused for them, and some just don't even like you. You're well known by the Sheriff and his men (names to be given once I know them) and have spent brief visits at his "hotel". The village is plagued by an illness that no one knows the cause of fully. Each of you have a relative who's come ill (or know of your friend's relative who is ill) and now people are known to have died from it.

There's no real story to this other that what comes from modules I include from Pathfinder's modules, this will not be from the Adventure Path Series. The story will unfold as the adventure progresses and if there is interest long enough, it may go through EPIC. I do know there will be opportunity to Role PLay as much as Dungeon Crawl. It will be in your hands how this story unfolds.

If you wish to join this new PbP, check this thread.

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