TOS+ Newsletter: February 22nd, 2010

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TOS+ Newsletter: February 22nd, 2010

Post by admin » Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:53 pm

TOS+ v3.3 Released!
The first update for 2010 is now online for Active Subscribers! This updates adds 60+ Animals/Beast as Pathfinder Mounts, fixes reported gremlins and simplifies sheet usage for Pathfinder Users! Check the release notes for all the details!

Has your Forum subscription time has expired?
You purchased TOS+ as a stand alone, with no Forum access?
You still have your Personal Key?

Then consider getting some Forum Access time - that will give you 1 or 2 years access to the Forum, and allow you to download v3.3 and all the future updates within your time period!!

New Video online!
Forum Moderator Duniagdra has been making a new series of videos, updated to version 3 of the Sheet! This is a perfect opportunity to polish your knowledge of the Sheet, and get a guided tour of TOS+! You can view this in the video section of the Home Page!
Writing a good script is a difficult task: Duniagdra is looking for volunteers willing to write scripts to assist in producing more tutorial/instructional videos. If you're willing to write it, he's willing to produce it!

The Loot Divider!
I have been working on a new tool for D&D3.5 and Pathfinder players - it's called the Loot Divider! Basically, that tool will make your treasure sharing much easier! Check out the new home page I built for it, and specifically, the preview images that are online. The Loot Divider will soon go into beta-testing on the Forum!

Sample Characters revisitted
The Adventurers [Sample Characters] section of the Forum has been revamped thanks to the efforts of Patransom. Characters have been organised in a handy list, ordered by level. This is quite handy for DMs who are looking for a quick character or even players looking for a character concept. Come and share your Characters!

The Champions of Destiny: a new way to play!!
Have you ever wanted to play online, yet have avoided it because of the time investment required? Have you ever wanted to practice your DMing skills? The CoD is the answer for both situations! The CoD is a PbP area that, unlike other PbPs, is Mission based. Because a Mission is only one (or more) encounters, not only is it short, but it allows anyone to run a mission!! For the DM, this means deciding what the Mission is about, and the requirement details for the Characters; the CoD is open to any type of mission, in Pathfinder, D&D3.5 and even d20 Modern!! A Mission can be a single encounter like 'defeat the Dragon!' or a string of encounters like 'retrieve the stolen crown'! For the Players, it means short adventures which allows them to try out new races and classes that they would not otherwise try out! If you wish to DM a Mission, check this thread for details! Those interested in playing, can check The Dice Room [PbP Related] section for new Mission announcements!

Duniagdra's VTT test run with MapTool
With the help of JaguarPriestess as the hostess, Duniagdra is running Virtual TableTop sessions with MapTool, a program that allows multiple people to connect and hold live games as if face to face. To participate requires downloading, and an Active subscription to TOS+, including TOS+ v3.3. All the details are here. Come join the fun!

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