TOS+ Newsletter July 22nd, 2010

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TOS+ Newsletter July 22nd, 2010

Post by admin » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:13 pm

Another Summer update for the Sheet! Aside from the fixed gremlins, this update contains an experimental feature that allows users to load information directly into an existing character - without erasing it. This was added following this suggestion. For more information, you can read this wiki entry which give an example on how to use this new feature which can be quite useful for Data sharing. You can find this new Button on the Control sheet, under the options on the right.

The Release Notes will give you all the details of this update. As always, active subscribers can download this new update in the download section as part of their Subscription. If your subscription has expired OR if you got only the stand-alone version of the Sheet, you can get a subscription by getting Forum Access Time here. This is ridiculously inexpensive.

One month ago, we started a new group on the Nearby Gamers site to give an idea of where they are located on the Planet! So far, 21 people have joined and you can see them on this world map! (make sure you zoom out!) This is just a small sampling of the TOS+ users: Consider joining this group! Log on the forum, and read this thread for details.

One Opening in Duni's World Bazaar Play-By-Post
Duniagdra has one spot open in his PbP... first come first served!

From Duniagdra:
<< I have one opening in my campaign. The setting is in Darkmoon Vale using the PF RPG Rules.>>
<<So far our heroes helped procure the ingredients for a remedy to cure an illness plaguing the town of Falcon's Hollow. Currently they are in search of some missing children. The only difference with below is that you will not be life-long friends of the group unless you can give a pretty good story connecting you to them. If interested, see what's required HERE.>>

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