TOS+ Newsletter August 7th, 2010

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TOS+ Newsletter August 7th, 2010

Post by admin » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:24 pm

Should TOS+ support the new Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide?
This new book from Paizo is excellent - it contains a lot of material that could be very useful to players - and some of that material could even be used by D&D3.5 players! Indeed, new Classes, Spells, Feats and Magical Items are only part of what this book offers. Unlike any splat book I have ever seen, the Advanced Player's Guide is an amazing extension of the Pathfinder Core rules. But the question is: Are active subscribers willing to support me through the large amount of work required to add it to TOS+? Check this thread for details.

TOS+ USERS around the WORLD!!
Since June 22nd, more and more TOS+ Users have joined the TOS+ Users group on What are you waiting for - join up and put your nickname on the world map! You don't even have to be an active subscriber to join up. Details here.

The LOOT DIVIDER has been updated!
The Loot Divider version 1.30 has been released! You can check the release notes here.

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