TOS+ Newsletter August 23rd, 2010

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TOS+ Newsletter August 23rd, 2010

Post by admin » Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:30 am

TOS+ v3.501 -> APG Iteration #1 is now ONLINE for Contributors!
Almost two weeks after the announcement that TOS+ would support the Advanced Player's Guide from Paizo, the first Iterative Update of the Sheet is available!! A lot of work has been done in these first weeks; two of the new bases classes are now available for testing: The Alchemist and the Witch (including her 6 new Familiars!) are ready to roll! All the 255 new Spells of the APG have been added, as well as all the new Wondrous Items! The Release Notes for this version can be found HERE. Active Contributors are invited to download this Iterative Update in the Thou Shall Not Pass [Contributors Only] section of the Forum.

Requesting Features from the APG
Because the 'order' in which I implement the features of the APG is flexible, I am taking requests from Contributors as to WHAT they would like to see as soon as possible in the next Iterative Update of the Sheet (which might be useful if they are already using the APG for their gaming needs). Details on how to request features can be found HERE.

What is an "Iterative Update"?
An "Iterative Update" is a version of TOS+ that is available only to Contributors and which contains the latest work I have done to add the content of the APG to TOS+. The Iterative Update has two main Goals: 1) To thank the contributors by giving them early access to the newly added content; 2) To get the ball rolling to find issues with these new features

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