TOS+ Newsletter December 14th, 2010

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TOS+ Newsletter December 14th, 2010

Post by admin » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:32 am

TOS+ BETA #9 ALMOST available to everyone!!
Any active subscriber that participates in the TOS+ 2010 HOLIDAY DRAW will now have access to Beta #9!! Simply join the Draw (try to use the same nickname as on the forum - you have 10 days left to join the Draw!), download the Beta and send admin a private message to advise him that you joined the Draw, and you will receive what you need to use the Beta! Speaking of the Draw, over 130 persons are now participating!

Remember that TOS+ makes for a great gift idea for Christmas!
Contact admin for details.

One PbP Replacement required!
Duniagdra has one opening left for a replacement player in his 'Council of Thieves' PbP! (more)

NEW PbP: D&D meets Percy Jackson
Rednetra is seeking players for a new Play-by-Post game, based of Greek Mythology! (more)

You have been missing out...
The last Newsletter entry for the 'You have been missing out...' section discussed the Adventurers [Characters], which has seen a boost in the number of sample PC and NPC available! Today, we will focus on the Ask the Wizards [TOS+ Help Desk] section. This section is where technical support is provided, as part of the Subscription. If you have any questions about the sheet (and you are a subscriber), this would be the first place to search for answers (use the option to search within this topic only to narrow your search!) Then, if you are unable to find the answer to your question(s), you can simply start a new thread and post your question therein! Be sure to use a Subject title that is relevant to your query, to allow others to find your questions when they search around!


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