TOS+ Newsletter April 20th, 2011

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TOS+ Newsletter April 20th, 2011

Post by admin » Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:11 pm

(space for the next newsletter)

TOS+ Beta #15 has been posted in the download section of the Forum!
This beta is available to all active subscriber who ALSO joins NearbyGamers! Instructions can be found within that message. As always, please report bugs/problems as soon as possible!

A NEW TOOL for TOS+ Game Masters
A NEW tool called the TOS+ Battle Companion is now online on the Forum. Created by user 'thephilosopherstone', this new tool will help the Game Master track the abilities, spells, feats, equipment etc.. of characters created in TOS+. Initiative, attacks, damage, saves, HP and more can also be tracked by the BC. Check this thread for an introduction to the Battle Companion, which has a home in the TOOL: Battle Companion section. The Battle Companion is available for download to any Active Subscriber of the sheet!

NEW PBP: Ptolus-The Danger Below (Pathfinder)
Silentguardian is starting a NEW Play-by-Post! Here is a brief description: Something is happening to members of the Delvers Guild. They have been disappearing on what should be standard patrols into the caverns. What is happening to them? Why only them? More details here.

Duni's World Bazaar - 1 Player Needed!
Duniagdra has an open spot in one of his PbP games! Details

Help Spread the word about the Sheet!
Can you help spread the word about the Sheet? I put up the TOS+ Business card in this message, which can be printed (in color) and Pinned at your favorite gaming store - or given out to friends on your gaming nights, or even at a Convention! So please consider spreading word about the sheet around you! Thank you!

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