Gladiator Creation

Welcome to the Arena, Gladiator! Challenge other Gladiators and gain experience! Build and develop your own Gladiator School and compete amongst the best of them to gain wealth, power and recognition.
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Gladiator Creation

Post by BusyCowboy » Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:35 pm

Brief description: Pit your gladiator school against others to gain a lot more than just gold!
Rule System: Playtesting: D&D 3.5
Validation Frequency: Varies*
Min/Max Number of Players: Min: 2
Start Date: Playtesting**
Source Books Allowed: PHB, Completes (All), Tome of Battle, Expanded Psionics Handbook
Classes and Races Allowed: Any (No LA allowed)
Starting Level of PCs: 1
Stats Generation: Invisible Castle:
Name: Gladiator Name
Campaign Name: AoA Gladiators
Type of stats: d20
Dice: 5d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)

Starting Equipment/Wealth: Base for starting class
Background Information: Not needed
End Conditions: None
About ME: Don't scare yourself by wanting to know me. LOL...Nah, currently play in a few games here, have been doing so for awhile (thus the contrib level so high!)
Notes: * - This is a gladiator arena, all can participate. Since this is of such, validations are varied and generally done by judges ruling for that particular challenge. ** - Playtesting means that no official prizes will be given. Once playtesting is done, characters will be reset.
Signature: The wonderfully dark and evil - BusyCowboy

Please have a look at the official Rules detailed in the Arena of Ages Wiki. The rules found there supersede all other rules, unless noted where this link is found.


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Re: Gladiator Creation

Post by shai-hulud » Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:21 pm

Question: You list for books the PHB, Complete Series, Book of Nine Swords, and the Expanded Psionics Handbook. What about the rest of the SRD? For instance, if I wanted to play a goblin (an interesting choice for a mounted character), they are not in any of those books, yet seem like they should be allowed (since they are rather underpowered rather than overpowered).

Perhaps consider allowing the SRD?
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