Advertising the Arena in the Newsletter

Welcome to the Arena, Gladiator! Challenge other Gladiators and gain experience! Build and develop your own Gladiator School and compete amongst the best of them to gain wealth, power and recognition.
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Advertising the Arena in the Newsletter

Post by Duniagdra » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:55 pm

I was talking to Richard earlier about how it might have been good to advertise the Arena in the Newsletter, and keep it as an On-going advertisement. Something to show others that there is an ongoing type of game that is open to as many as may be interested. By having it as a continuous advertisement, this will also give continued exposure to all TOS+ Users and New TOS+ Users alike, possibly giving further exposure to the experienced and inexperienced PbP enthusiasts.

Perhaps some feedback from Richard in how to word this ad so it would be the most attractive to all would be useful in getting this going. This could be a tool in increasing traffic on the forums, getting more people involved, providing a great place for them to learn how PbP works, and what PbP is.
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Re: Advertising the Arena in the Newsletter

Post by BusyCowboy » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:35 am

That is true. Having at least some exposure that way would be a good idea, the problem, as you stated, would be wording it to attract people into it to not only support TOS+, but also to get them to at least get into the arena!

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