AoA is on its own

Welcome to the Arena, Gladiator! Challenge other Gladiators and gain experience! Build and develop your own Gladiator School and compete amongst the best of them to gain wealth, power and recognition.
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AoA is on its own

Post by Duniagdra » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:21 pm

BusyCowboy initiated this project, and after throwing a tantrum for being removed once, he has once again abandoned this project. For me, this is something not a priority to continue like my four games are. If anyone here wishes this continue, please feel free to contact Richard. If you wish for me to continue with this, then what I'll do is a complete reboot from scratch. I personally would prefer not to continue to run with this, but instead see myself and BC replaced by some other enthusiastic persons. The rules are set pretty much just needing refinement or even simplification.
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