[query] Fixed charges versus Number of matches

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[query] Fixed charges versus Number of matches

Post by admin » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:56 pm

Regarding this:
Number of Matches at One Time
A single Gladiator may, if he chooses, be in more than one Match Fight. This Gladiator may also refuse a challenge if he is already in a Match Fight, with no penalty to the Gladiator or the school. A Gladiator may be in no more than 3 Matches at any one time.

For spells with material or focus components, as in the rules governing spells and their components, the caster pays for components of value and must track them. If a caster is in more than one Match Fight, the caster MUST choose which match what components of value are available in.
Assuming a Gladiator is in several matches; How does this gladiator handles the 'limited' items/charges/ammo he has while playing in those multiple matches? For example, say the Gladiator (Archer) has 2 arrows left, yet he wants to shoot the target in all of the 3 game he is concurrently running in.... ? Or he has 1 potion of healing, and wants to use it in two of his matches?

How is this handled exactly? Does the Gladiator needs to keep track of single-use items simultaneously in 3 matches?


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Re: [query] Fixed charges versus Number of matches

Post by Duniagdra » Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:20 pm

That was handled in another thread somewhere, but may not have been added to the wiki. For single use items, it's for the gladiator to declare what is being used. If he has only one potion, then he chooses that one potion to go in which match. In fact, it was you who brought that topic up somewhere. Any single use item must be accounted for. This means the Judge overseeing the match needs to review his challengers files and confirm what is being used. He should then compare this to the gladiator's history. If it is not listed, then it would not be valid. If the history shows it as used, but not replaces, then it is not valid. As for arrows, if the character shows he would have enough gold to buy at least 20 arrows for each match, then it could be chosen by the Judge to deduct this from his file and add them or not allow them since not having them declared in his school could be deemed as not valid.

This is the whole reason for making the school so the player can update. If a Judge wishes, he can also post in that person's school what has been used in a particular match. It may not be perfect, but it's the easiest thing available now.
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