A1) INTRO: I was up above it--now I'm down in it

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A1) INTRO: I was up above it--now I'm down in it

Post by cave_lion » Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:42 pm

this post is meant to be the final one (chronologically) in the "1)" subset of posts


Millennia ago, the Celestials built a great prison within the Planet of Golarion. It was a perfect construction: containing mammoth walls; unbreakable locks; fierce traps; and uncountable mazes of doors, hallways and rooms. The prison warded off those who would enter, and also walled in and magically trapped those who would escape. It was a dungeon built to rival any ever known then or since. Within it the Celestials imprisoned hellish Undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities. Before the first Dwarf was born to sculpt stone, Celestials carved this hidden work of art, of which they planned for no one to ever find or see. Perfect in every detail, it would stand inviolate for thousands of years. None now can say why the gods chose Golarion to entomb these hideous beasts, and indeed in time, these gods faded away—some were even destroyed—to be replaced by different gods with different agendas. Centuries passed and still the tomb stood unchanged. The champions who stood vigilant guard, ready to protect the lesser beings on Golarion from these supremely evil creatures, were committed to spending an eternity in honor of the commands from their now forgotten gods. Though in truth, they really had no choice, for the prison not only entrapped the horrors it was built for, but also anyone who stepped within its walls. And so, time passed over the Celestials; and both prisoner and guard were forgotten. Even the Heavens turned a blind eye to the Angels, Inevitables, and Guardians serving out their destiny entombed in the earth. No one is sure how much time passed, but eventually, history completely forgot the burden of these Celestial heroes.

Then, in another time; another pantheon of Gods fought and defeated a new, even worse monstrous enemy: Rovagug, The Rough Beast, Destroyer of all. Sarenrae, his most fierce of enemies, sliced open the world of Golarion to imprison him, and Asmodeus bound him there, keeping the sole key. This was the beginning of the end for the Celestials’ Dungeon. It could be that Rovagug somehow heard and deciphered the demented enraged screams of the trapped beasts sharing his rocky planet grave; or perhaps it was just coincidence…a twisting in his sleep as his breath coursed up through the dark veins of the planet…leading to volcanic eruptions and massive quakes. One thing is certain, Rovagug moved and his movement caused an earthquake that cracked the foundations of the dungeon. The rift spread for miles, nearly ripping the dungeon in two. Into the rift flowed magma, but for some reason it did not boil the occupants of the dungeon. Indeed, as the temperature rose beneath the earth, the cold home of the unliving became capable of sustaining life. With the broken foundation some of the imprisoned beasts once again found their freedom. The long centuries had left them hungry for revenge against their captors...

It was not long before native (and non-native) Golarion creatures discovered the immense Dungeon. First the Derro came, making their homes among the cracks and tombs. Many of the traps set throughout the dungeon were triggered, and more creatures that the Celestials had sworn to entomb eternally began to escape from the weakened prison. In time, more and more subterranean creatures would make their homes in the rock. All the while, the Celestials still contained the truest evils in the heart of the prison. Then another earthquake pushed jagged earth through the dungeon floor, destroying an even larger portion of the foundation. Surely this time Rovagug had found a purpose in his destruction. Only Demons and Undead would be foolish enough to bargain with this Destroyer of All, but could there be any other explanation for such targeted mayhem? Soon Drider, Drow and more dug beneath the rock and rubble to make their homes. The earthquakes tore a hole in the ceiling, and all manner of flying beasts perched on the highest plateaus of this new underground sanctuary. As time progressed forward, more Derro came, bringing other diggers with them. When they required more room, the Derro dug deeper until they eventually caused a massive landslide, bringing thousands of pounds of earth and millions of gallons of water crashing in. Hundreds of Derro and Duergar died but the survivors moved deeper into the dungeon. Enlisting every manner of enslavable race, the Derro crossed a giant chasm and started digging again.

Within the last hundred years, the dungeon has seen unprecedented activity. Every manner of creature now lives there. The Celestials have finally completely lost their hold and are now merely battling to survive. As the dungeon's population grew, and more and more of the former prisoners found escape, the Celestials began to fear that the evil on Golarion would overcome everything. The remaining (but dwindling) Guardians did the best they could to find a solution to their growing problem, but they were forced to remain in the Dungeon in the hopes of keeping the remaining and most dangerous captives enslaved. But as time passed they became weaker and weaker, and eventually they lost all hope of stopping the inevitable without help. They have discovered many of the breaks in the Prison defenses but are too weakened to defend them. They now realize that they can once again leave the prison but have discovered that they can find no one who even remembers who they are. Their gods are all asleep or gone.

A few of the remaining Celestials reached out to the new gods in an effort to warn them and to find help to re-build the Dungeon. But the new gods were wary of interfering on Golarion. They have learned that the good they can do by interfering also leads to even greater damage. Though they will not directly intervene, many of the new deities realize the importance of helping the Celestials and have agreed to assist them as they can. Pharasma gave Prophecy of those on Golarion who can succeed in helping the Celestials restore what can be restored. Desna brings the comrades in arms together to begin their quest. Cayden Cailean, Gorum, and Iomedae bolsters their wills. Irori, Nethys, Sarenrae, and Torag provide Guidance, Knowledge, and Protection. Not since the defeat of Rovagug have so many of the deities joined forces. Though their role this time is limited and shadowed, they are all aware that the outcome this time could very well be just as important as the last time they were joined in battle…

You are one of the chosen and you have accepted your god-given quest. Though, truly you have no idea of how to go about completing it. Tomorrow, ready or not, it begins...

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