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A1C) Montavious VonMater

Post by LinusMundane » Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:35 am

His name is Montavious VonMater, he is the blue blooded son of a very rich noble family. His father, a merchant by trade(slave) gained his status through dubious means and Montavious knows it and disgusts it. He and his father have never seen eye to eye and that's where his mother comes in, she lives her life with a blind eye towards what her husband does and often cries herself to sleep over what she has seen him do to other humans but would never say a word against him; she loves her life too much. She also loves her son, her only child, her life line to a sane world, it is through her that he gained his ability as a bard, she herself a famous singer in their town and surrounding country.

She sang to him everyday and every night and he absorbed it like a sponge, in her career she sang songs popular in the times, but to her son, she sings songs of heroes and their conquests, good people and the good things they have done for the world and for people. Montavious absorbed himself in the stories of legend and began to integrate the stories of these legends into his song and he found that people had extra-ordinary changes in their behavior whenever he sang in front of people. He had heard of rumor that a group of people existed that could influence others through song and with his mother's blessing and behind his father's back she sent him off with a bag full of money and a kiss on the forehead to a school where he could be more properly trained. 10 years have passed and Montavious has now graduated from the academy, eager to strike out and adventure so that he may sing new songs, of new heroes in new lands and this is where The World's Largest Dungeon meets up with Montavious!

His quirks are listed in the notes section(5 in total).

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Re: More of Montavious' Story

Post by cave_lion » Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:56 pm

You are from the City of Egorian; known also as the City of Thorns, due to its many gothic towers and minarets. Capital of Cheliax; and ruled by an aristocracy of devil worshipers (of which your father is one). Asmodeus holds tight rein over Cheliax; using assorted devils, in combination with the merciless Hellknights (grim armored law enforcers), to maintain control in the region.

You were trained at the majestic and exclusive Imperial Hall; predominantly in the High Chelaxian Opera style; of which your mother is one of the most beloved participants. But you never quite fit in with your classmates, adopting a freer, more "common" style of performance. In the end you did graduate from the school, but found no support among the local theatres. This suited your mother fine, for she had (somewhat secretly) been training you in ways that she knew would make you unacceptable to your peers. Though too naive to understand at the time, you really did enjoy the different ways she taught you to perform, and so were disappointed but resigned when you realized that you would not fit in well with your fellow performers.

Her plans for you to leave the area and get away from the influence of your father seemed to have been executed perfectly. But then to her horror, you received an invitation (in name only, for no one dared refuse such a thing) to attend to Queen Abrogail II; current ruler of Cheliax, and quite possibly one of the most dangerous and evil humans on the planet. With no hope now, for she assumed you would be forced to become part of the Queen's court, your mother helped you pack your things. Her only hope; which she secretly whispered to you as she kissed you goodbye; that you would stay pure of heart and perhaps one day find a way to escape this infernal land of poisonous treacheries...
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