A1H) Marakast Wellhope

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A1H) Marakast Wellhope

Post by klakxor » Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:34 am

Marikast's parents were not very bright. Before he was even born, they felt that they needed to get back to their fey heritage and left civilization to live in the woods. Unfortunately, they went deep in to the woods nowhere near any fey.

As a child, he did not have much interaction with people and, as such, did not develop very many people skills. His parents were the only ones he spent time with and they lived an almost feral life. They did encourage his development of magic as he showed promise in it. When he was still young when his parents pased away during a wild storm in the woods. Marakast moved closer to the nearest town and began watching the people of the town. He found it amusing to play jokes on travellers as they came to the town.

Again, bad fortune shown upon Marakast and he was caught during one of his pranks by a powerful warrior. The warrior turned him in to the local sheriff, who had no idea what to do with the little gnome. The warrior decided that he would attempt to train little Marakast as his squire. Marakast was forced to follow the warrior for over a year, not learning the sword or any manners from the warrior. The only thing that he got from the warrior was a love for hats and he also learned how to care for the warriors weapons. He did so well that he became obsessed with the care for weapons.

Since the warrior could not teach Marakast, he left him in a large city by himself. Marakast did not know what to do. Wondering the streets, he overheard someone talking about an extremely large dungeon cavern. He decided that he couldn't survive with this many people around and that he needed to find this dungeon, so that perhaps he could hide from everyone once again.
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Re: 1H) More of Marakast's Story

Post by cave_lion » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:04 pm

You are unsure of where you were born as your parents never told you anything of where they originally moved from. Your first memories are of living with the trees called The Estrovian Forest (by those who traveled through it). When your parents died you moved to the outskirts of Kenabres, where you had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting Kierkegaard Johanesson, a sorry excuse for a no sense of humor Ulfen warrior. After a year of amazing examples of ultimate incompatibility, Kierkegaard left you in the walls of Nerosyan, the Diamond of the North. Nerosyan was an intimidating city of towered walls with an endless stream of crusading clerics and warriors. While enjoying one of your last city meals, having decided to go back to the Forest you were most comfortable in, you happened to overhear two crusaders talking of a great cavern entrance to the north that was rumored to hold a vast expanse of rooms filled with treasures beyond belief. The two crusaders had agreed to search for the opening and make their fortunes together. The tales they told intrigued you to no end, so you decided to follow them and take a look at things for yourself...

You traveled north up to Kenebres following the men with no problem. Who after all, would worry about an odd little gnome traveling along the same path? The men even greeted you a few times, until you painted the clothing on your side with a mix of red flower petals and tomato paste, stumbling out into the road one morning screaming in pain to see what their reaction would be. They had as little sense of humor as ol' Kiki did...

From Kenebres, the men hired a raft to cross into The Worldwound. You had heard a few things about this Worldwound place over the years. Nothing good...a place full of unstable terrain, evil devils appearing out of no-where, and people disappearing constantly. Sounded good to you if you didn't have to deal with all these irritating humorless talking heads (what you call the humans) who dominated the area. So with a quick distraction of fire and noise you distracted the occupants of the raft long enough to hide in the tarps stacked on one side.

You had to jump and run on the other side, but nobody seemed too worried about catching you then. You turned on stealth mode after this, shadowing along behind the 2 crusaders for several days and pretty successfully staying out of their perception.

On the 12th day of travel, and very close to their destination according to the two, a horde of demons descended on the crusaders and ended both of their well laid plans. And so alone again you set off looking for the cavern.

Over the next several days you ranged along the land in a zig zag pattern doing the best you could to look for any unusual type of formation that would suggest an opening into a cavern, while always moving slowly and carefully, to avoid detection by the wandering monsters at every turn of the way. On the third day you peered over a cavern wall and looked down into a desolate valley of rocks and dead scrub below, to see what appeared to be a small dark opening in the side of the valley wall...
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