A1I) A Gathering of Heroes

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A1I) A Gathering of Heroes

Post by cave_lion » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:20 pm

This post gathers all members of your party together except one (Marakast will be joining in thread #2). It is a direct continuation from the post here (meaning the final setting in that post is where all of you are being teleported too from your various settings.

My intent is that all the prior posts in this thread will resolve themselves at approximately the same time at around dawn, and that all characters involved will have all of their listed supplies in hand (either by being on them or by being teleported to this location by various entities. All loose ends are meant to be wrapped up at this point (if you haven't sent me an updated .tos please do so asap). You have all said your goodbyes as needed (if possible) and are aware to some degree about what is going on. In the interest of getting started with the proper Campaign, I am going to forgo writing this out as an interactive setting and just summarize the relevant situations that occur here. There isn't really much opportunity for role play since nothing can really be changed or negotiated and I assume everyone is going to say yes to the quest, so I don't see a point in trying to dramatize it anymore than it already has been. I will give 1 day after posting for anyone to add any questions or comments, and then we will move on to Thread #2 which will begin at the entrance to TWLD.

You are all standing on a vast plain next to a river in a small grove of brush trees (picture an African plain setting.) Except for Bigdredge who appears to have passed out during the Teleport journey and fell strongly to one side when they arrived to fall in a ball on the ground. He quickly groans himself awake and stands up with the rest of you. The weather is strangely calm where you are standing, given how vigorously the dark swirling clouds overhead are moving.

The centerpiece is Desna, Song of the Spheres; Goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, and luck.
She is darkly beautiful in a very unusual way from how she is typically represented in her Temples; though there are stories about this more serious side of her personality. Those of you who worship her are aware of this side of her. Those of you who do not worship her would most likely not know who she is until she tells you.

PC's present are:
Bigdredge Cutterman (Duniagdra), Dwarven Cleric
Dakar (mr_man), Half-orc Barbarian
Sheen (jennaver), Pixie Sorcerer
Keveak Serpenthelm the Swordsmith (kabkal), Human Chelaxian Fighter
Montavious VonMater (LinusMundane), Human Mix Chelaxian/Ulfen Bard
Skara Syralis (patransom), Tiefling (Chelaxian) Rogue

NPC's present are:
Goddess Desna
Bryla (a servant of Sarenrae: the burning entity that Bigdredge and Keveak came with)
The Spirit of Adoration (herald of Goddess Shelyn: the winged being who came with Montavious and Skara)

Desna will explain the situation as described here. She will explain that Pharasma (deity of fate, death, prophecy, and birth) has named all of you as being destined to complete this mission together and that only your group could possibly succeed at it. She tells you that many of the imprisoned beasts close to the broken entrance you will be using have already escaped, so you will have time to develop your skills as you move deeper into the Dungeon. But she will also make sure you are aware that many years have passed since some of the entrances were compromised so there are large numbers of creatures trapped inside the Dungeon who were able to get in but not able to get out. She makes sure you understand that once inside the Dungeon there are various magicks which prevent the use of many types of spells and other supernatural abilities; specifically any Teleport or multi-dimensional spells either don't function at all or function in a limited way. Summoning works one way so any creature you summon will not be able to return to where it came from without finding a broken exit to physically travel through to the outside world. Summoned creatures are extremely dangerous because of this, as they will blame their summoner for trapping them once the summon spell wears off.

Once everyone has agreed to this quest you will all prepare as best you can and then Teleport together to the entrance, which will begin Thread #2 and represents the beginning of this campaign. There will be one last chance, in Thread #2 to confer with each other and pick up any missing supplies before you commit to stepping into the Dungeon.

During the preparations these things occur:
1) Desna will take Sheen aside, wishing him well in his journeys, and assuring him that all is well and perhaps that this quest will resolve the bad dreams he has been having for so long.
2) The Spirit of Adoration will take Montavious aside and gives him a set of boots (I will PM you what this is) and a small silver necklace with a bird on it, which is the holy symbol of Goddess Shelyn. The necklace has two magical properties. While worn, it will provide you with a +2 competence bonus to 3 primary Perform skills. Second, it will allow you to bond with a Lantern Archon (provided by the Celestials under the guidance of Shelyn), who will be helping you with information about the Dungeon and your quest. The pic below is of Shelyn's holy symbol which your necklace is based on.
Shelyn hs.jpeg
3) Bryla will float slowly towards Bigdredge and speaking telepathically will apologize for intimidating you with his flame. He will say that Sarenrae suggested he do this to give you experience. He will also drop a ring to the ground that is a gift from Sarenrae and has a blazing sun on the front of it. (It is magical and when worn duplicates the Dodge Feat (+1 to AC) as well as increasing your base movement rate to 30')
4) Skara--I forgot to give you a treasure value from the last heist where you met the Contessa. You gained 10 gp, 27 sp, 1 bloodstone (50gp), 1 blue quartz (10gp), and 1 silver plated (3 candle) candelabra with a box of 10 candles (12gp).

edit: corrected Sheen's gender: jennaver is first to get an extra action point for my mistakes
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