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B1F) Treye Hirther

Post by Benji » Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:58 pm

Adventurers appear in all shapes and sizes.

For example; Treye's eldest brother became a cleric of Torag. Why? Nobody bothered asking him, they just took it for granted that he revered the Dwarven god. He certainly liked his ale.

Her youngest brother decided to be a Paladin. He claimed to fight the wicked at all turns despite the fact that he was 5' tall and had arms like blades of grass.

Her other brother became a Barbarian. He could read and write in five different languages, yet he still became a slobbering brute in combat.

Her only sister went down the route of the Bard. She quit adventuring after a while to become a low-class prostitute. Nobody really talks about her anymore.

Treye herself was a librarian.

No, seriously, a librarian.

You know, with the books?

She never showed an interest in adventuring at all, making her parents rather confused. At Yule Tide, her brothers would tease her but she didn't care, because she knew there were no demons to fight in a library. She enjoyed her job, especially the perks of being able to borrow the books. There was only one problem with her vocation. Treye Hirther was drop-dead gorgeous. She realized this and tried to counter it with a pair of glasses and a tightly wound bun. That just made men want her even more. One of these would-be suitors is entirely to thank for her abrupt shift in career. The last time he was seen standing up was when he tried to propose to Treye after getting extremely drunk. Without knowing how she did it, Treye somehow managed to put him to sleep, burn his toes off, and freeze his testicles together.

Some time later, Treye found herself on the road to The World's Largest Dungeon.

Why? Who cared. At least in there she wouldn't be getting blamed for all counts of original vasectomies.

The notes section contains five quirks of hers. The traits I have listed make no sense with their current description, but are more intended to show her lifetime of reading and study.
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Re: Treye Hirther

Post by cave_lion » Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:25 pm

You are originally from the Dawnfoot Provence outside the walls of Absalom, but after discovering that you had magical abilities, in a most unpleasant way, you left in a panic, wandering around the "city at the center of the world" until finally settling in the Wise Quarter, home to the Forae Logos, one of the most complete libraries in the known world. This was a different world from the humble library you had cared for, and even though it was so close to your lost home, you knew it was very unlikely that anyone from your small library would likely stumble upon you here. It seemed as if this library was so big that you could spend all day there walking and not retrace your steps once.

Although you wanted more than anything to get a job here and start over, you quickly realized that the powers inside of you were no longer dormant and needed to express themselves. You had to find out how to control what was going on inside of you before you could decide what to do with the rest of your life. But it was difficult looking for someone to teach you about the energies raging inside of you. For a long time you could find no one who would help you. Still the library did contain a surprising amount of information and you actually learned quite a bit studying there while you searched for a teacher.

You also met an interesting half-elf who you ended up having so much in common with it was almost unnatural. His name was (and is) Taedyn. And he, like you, has magic coursing through his blood. He, like you, has an unquenchable thirst for learning and study. He, like you, has abandoned all that he knew and loved because of the magic that surprised him with its power. And perhaps more telling than anything else, he, like you, worships Desna; Goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, and luck. As time went on and you got to know each other better and better, you were both surprised at how close you became, spending more and more time together as the days went by.

Finally, at the library one day, due to a lucky conversation (and perhaps an unconscious bat of your mesmerizing eyes), you found your long looked for teacher. The elderly man was a retired instructor (known as a "curator") from the famous College of Mysteries. Thanks to a heavy case of bitterness and feelings of betrayal, he was willing to break his loyalty oath to the Assembly of Enigmas (a very unusual and dangerous proposition). You would have both stayed happily with him for many more years had he not kicked you out, all to soon, one day with a few choice words about not "wasting your lives away like I did yah damn fools..."

Disappointed and both half scared, you wandered through the city, talking about what to do now. Soon you found yourselves on a path to Desna's Temple within the Ascendant Court (the city epicenter and location of a majority of the city's major temples.) Almost there, you both suddenly paused at the entrance to a small unassuming temple of uncertain architecture made of large stone blocks which looked more like a university than a place for religious gatherings. What had caught both of your attention was a sudden movement of the stone building. The front corner piece of the building, which had originally looked to be an integrated sculpture of a male human in a meditative pose, was suddenly disconnecting itself from the building and slowly squatting down beside you! Gathering up all of your courage to avoid running, you both managed to remain calm enough to stop and prepare for what would come next, hopeful it wouldn't be the end of your far-to-short lives. You quickly realized that whatever this was, it was not the actual stone from the building--you could tell this because the creature kneeling before you was ethereal in nature and you could see through to the unchanged building behind it. Not to mention that it had somehow changed in appearance to appear to be a grim faced grey giant...

I am Sixth Rebirth. Come into our Temple so we can talk to you. We mean you no harm.

Gathering your courage and unconsciously taking each others hand, you agree to the Giant's words and step inside, following the cool walls of a long corridor into the main temple grounds of Irori's Temple...

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Re: B1F) Treye Hirther

Post by shai-hulud » Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:09 pm

Treye seems to have the wrong hp in the version posted. Should be 6+2 (sorcerers get 1d6 hp, max at 1st level)...


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