INTRODUCTION to the Champions of Destiny

This is a pure Player versus Environment/Encounter game, open to ALL! DMs can run short single encounter missions or long multi-encounter missions that house any combination of combat and/or skill. DMs may permit the use of race classes/races, allowing players to try out new combination of Champions.
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INTRODUCTION to the Champions of Destiny

Post by admin » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:57 pm

The Champions of Destiny is a new concept in Play-by-Post games that we are implementing on the Forum. How does it differ from normal PbP games?

Well, in CoD;
  • there is no 'fixed' Game master. ANYONE can be a Game Master!
  • the games themselves are Missions that could be a single Encounter, or more
  • any material can be used by the Game Master, as he sees fit for his Mission
  • the Game Master sets the rules system and parameters for his Mission
  • people will be able to try out Races/Classes they would never have tried out otherwise!
HOW TO BE A DM for a New Mission
To be a DM for a new mission is as simple as can be:
  1. Start a new thread in the The Dice Room [PbP Related] to announce your are opening up a new Mission. If you want, you can use this template to fill out the information (or else, players will ask you anyways...)
  2. Once you have the number of players you need, open a thread in the {PbP} CoD: Mission Area, to start your mission. Use only one thread for your entire Mission (from beginning to its conclusion)
Players can use the {PbP} CoD: Champion's Tavern section to post their character (.tos file) and any other information they wish (background) or multiple levels of the same Character. You should use only one thread for the same character (put different .tos files for different levels in the same thread)

  1. Do I need an active subscription to play the CoD?
    Yes, like all other PbPs
  2. Are there rules for Running a Mission?
    Not really, except you should run your mission in the {PbP} CoD: Mission Area section of the forum. Best to use only one thread there, but if your mission requires it, start as many threads as desired. If you think you need a section just for your mission, contact Admin
  3. Can I run a Mission that has only ONE player?
    Of course!
  4. More people want to join my Mission then I have planned. Can I start two identical Missions?
    Of course! One per group!
  5. Do the DMs and Players of the CoD get Rewards Months for participation like in a normal PbP?
    That is not decided at this time
  6. Do I have to set an 'end' condition to my Mission?
    Well, you should, so that people know exactly how your mission is to be concluded.
  7. I would like to run a Mission that is actually several encounters long. Can I do so?
    Yep - make sure your players are aware of it though!
  8. Can I use a Character that I have been using in another Game/PbP?
    If it is 'valid' for the DM's rules, certainly!

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