New Mission Template

This is a pure Player versus Environment/Encounter game, open to ALL! DMs can run short single encounter missions or long multi-encounter missions that house any combination of combat and/or skill. DMs may permit the use of race classes/races, allowing players to try out new combination of Champions.
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New Mission Template

Post by admin » Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:28 pm

Here is a template you can use to Start your new Mission thread in the The Dice Room [PbP Related] section (Copy it from the 'code' section below!)

Mission Title: HERE
Brief description of the Mission: HERE
Rule System to be used: HERE
Validation Frequency: HERE
Minimum/Maximum Number of Players requested: HERE
Source Books Allowed/Denied: HERE
Classes and Races Allowed/Denied: HERE
Starting Level for the Champions: HERE
How to Generate Attributes: HERE
Starting Equipment/Wealth: HERE
End Conditions: HERE
Notes about this Mission: HERE

Code: Select all

[size=200][color=#BF0000][u]NEW MISSION PARAMETERS[/u][/color][/size]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Mission Title: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Brief description of the Mission: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Rule System to be used: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Validation Frequency: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Minimum/Maximum Number of Players requested: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Source Books Allowed/Denied: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Classes and Races Allowed/Denied: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Starting Level for the Champions: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]How to Generate Attributes: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Starting Equipment/Wealth: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]End Conditions: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]
[size=150][color=#0000FF]Notes about this Mission: [/color][/size][b]HERE[/b]

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