★★★ LINKS to Classes, Races, Templates and REQUESTS! ★★★

The Loot Divider allows you to track treasure for your group; You can split treasure amongst players and even see who is holding which magical items. You can also quickly determine the price of magical weapons, armors and shields by using the Item Builder!

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★★★ LINKS to Classes, Races, Templates and REQUESTS! ★★★

Postby admin » Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:04 pm

You can post a request if the Class/Race/Template you are looking for is not available on the forum and you do not want to create it yourself. With luck, a friendly and knowledgeable user may decide to create it for you.
RULES for Requests:
If you need a custom Class/Race not already on the Forum and you are willing to Hire admin to create it, contact him through a Private Message, with the details of your request: He will examine your request and submit quote for the work. I remind you that admin works full time on this project, so hire him away!

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