Weight of Items

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Weight of Items

Post by jwingrider » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:13 pm

Our family loves the Loot Divider (as well as TOS) but the one thing I wish it had that it doesn't is weight tracking. I'm one of those DM's that likes to track how much weight my players are trying to carry in their bag of holding because they're the players that would try to carry every single copper piece they find and go over the weight limit exponentially.

The 'Group' tab would probably be the best place to implement what I'd love to see added, or use as a template to create what I'd love to see. I'd like to see each row be customizable to show different places the party has their loot and include weight. For example, my players have a bag of holding IV and also keep group items at their home vault. They generally throw all the loot into the bag of holding until they get to town to sell so it would be great to make sure they aren't carrying more then they should be able to. Sometimes you gotta leave some of the copper behind, right?! :) The weights for items are listed in the 'Data' table so it FEELS like this is something that should be able to be included fairly easily.

So instead of having Qty-Item Name-Location, have there be an open line at the top to name the location and total weight for that column then have the column header be Qty-Item Name-Weight. So that it looks something like this:

List: All Items
Location 1 Tot Location 2 Tot Location 3 Tot
Qty Item Name Weight Qty Item Name Weight Qty Item Name Weight
1 Throwing Axe

Pretty please?? :LuvTos:

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Re: Weight of Items

Post by admin » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:56 pm

While this is an interesting idea, TOS+ already handles all the weight of items, their location and can also handle wondrous items like Bags of Holdings... (Check this Wiki entry (section 8) for help on the BACK for more details on gear stuff)

I would think TOS+ to be better suited to tracking character gear weight then the Loot Divider...!


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