The School

All the Gods except two have left the Realm, as well as all the Metalic Dragons. Will you help the Headmaster bring them back to save the Realm?
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The School

Post by rednetra » Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:06 pm

he School of the adventure is set up like this. Anyone can attuned the school it cost nothing but there is a waiting list from all the families that want better for there children. The School Trains the students in the ways of Magic and Fighting and such that match the Class the student picks. Then they are teamed up in a group of about 4 too 7 people each filling a slot such as
- Healer
- Mage
- Fighter
- Rouge
The rest are fillers and great to have but that is the base of filling groups which they now call party’s. They train then send on small outing as they are called and any treasure they can keep unless it is an item they are going for that must be given up. They train till about 6th level in game terms

They house the party all together in the same Room the frist year. then they are given a tower for the party till they leave. Each with there own bed and such. Normally Former Students come and teach after going out into the world and finding the way. They feel it is a way to repay the school back.

The school is in a magical woods and protected by powerful magic. Unless you have a coin given to you by the school you will never find the school in the woods. The trees will move around making it impossible to find. There are a great deal of Taints and Fey to protect the woods and do so willingly.

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