Things in the world

All the Gods except two have left the Realm, as well as all the Metalic Dragons. Will you help the Headmaster bring them back to save the Realm?
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Things in the world

Post by rednetra » Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:21 am

There is a lightning Rail in my game

I also have a thing called sending stations. It is run by a house of Gnomes. It is a speical desk and paper and ink. You go to a sending stations and ask to write a letter and write who it goes too and it after being sealed and as long as that person on this plane the letter will just vanish and reapear next to the person you wish to send too.

Also there is Zepplins
There are air ships it is literally a Ship with a ring around it of flames or air and it flys in the air.
There are also Soaring whales

There are sub's also gnome desinge

There is a sending station at te school that is free

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