Dragon Tattoos

All the Gods except two have left the Realm, as well as all the Metalic Dragons. Will you help the Headmaster bring them back to save the Realm?
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Dragon Tattoos

Post by rednetra » Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:13 pm

Matrim - (marine7312000) - Brass Dragon that is just there looking around and then sits down and looks up at you
Melphos - (kabkal) a Gold dragon that is scraching its self behind the ear and looking at you with a smile.
Ulyuk Bok (Duniagdra) - Copper Dragon that curls up and falls asleep
Trever Green smeltdm - Bronze just laying there
Tsura Daerindis Koshka84 - Brass just a bit shocked but has not been transferred over yet.

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