Camp Half Blood

Inspired by the Percy Jackson books, you are children of the Greek Gods, trying your best to accomplish the missions set forth by your parents
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Camp Half Blood

Post by rednetra » Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:04 pm

You are all half bloods to the Greek gods. you have found this is the only safe place in the material plan that the monsters can not attack you, yes there are some in the woods but they are magically stocked there too hunt.

when you get to the Camp your not sure who your God Parent is. But you will be Claimed soon after arriving. Also the Camp is always a nice temperature and Sunny. It never rains there.

There is something called Ambrosia and it will heal much like a potion but too much will burn you from the insides out and kill you. Yes there are magic potion but Ambrosia works better but if drank by mortals will kill them.

also you each will have "gifts" from your god parents and i will let you know what they are. and for some children of your linage it might be the same but there are others more rare. Hope i made sense.

When you get there you are taken to the Armory and asked to pick a weapon but it picks you and you pick it kind of thing.
then at meal times you give over some of you food to the Hearth burning in the middle of the Dinning Pavilion. Normally Tended by a young lady. this is done to honor Hestia.
There is cabins in a U Shape for the 12 Council of the Gods and a few of the minor Gods around that. the Cabin Matches who god there is. Some say for Zuse it is large and grand but say for Demeter it is more early.

The Cabin of Hera is nly in Honor as she has never breed with only Zeus. Artemis is also a Goddess of Virginity but is there for when she and her Hunters are at the camp that rarely never happens. Athena also a goddess that is a Virgin but its not really known how she mates and has children but it is a theory much like she sprung from Zeus head it is something like that.

In the Camp there is there own Currency. Yes it is the Drachma. you will not know in advance but if one is thrown into a rainbow you can use it much like making a telephone call.

The Camp Activity Director is a Centaur by the Name of Chiron

The person who Runs the Came is called Mr D and is always in Leopard Print Clothing. He is a Grumpy Man and Hates being here but it is a punishment from Zeus Himself. It is easy to figure out that this is Dionysus because Chiron keeps reminding him he can no longer partake of Spirits.

In the Woods there are Dryads and other Fae that live there.

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