Cabin leaders

Inspired by the Percy Jackson books, you are children of the Greek Gods, trying your best to accomplish the missions set forth by your parents
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Cabin leaders

Post by rednetra » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:35 pm

Annabeth Chase - Human - Cabin Athena

Luke Castellan - Halfling - Cabin Hermes

Clarisse Wingstrider - Elf - Cabin Ares

Silena - Elf Aphrodite

Charlik Beckendorf - Gnome - Hephaestus

Michael Yew - Human - Apollo

Castor and Pollux (twins) - Half Draongs - Dionysus

Kathreen Gardin - Elf - Demeter

Will Solace - Human - Head Healer

Argus - head of security - Blue eyes cover his entire body

Oracel of Delphi - Human

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