[The PCs] The Hammer of Mathias

The board has been set, the pieces have been moved into their proper places, and the opponents and their moves have been studied. The time to begin the series of events that will lead to possibly the greatest war since the times of the ancient Azlanti has come. The hands behind the final pulling of the strings...nothing more than a small band of villains forged to their purpose by a cult the likes the world has not yet seen.
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[The PCs] The Hammer of Mathias

Post by The Hunter » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:42 pm

The team chosen by Mathias himself to lead humans into the crusade against the demihumans.

Luscious Briel, human Necromancer--Duniagdra
Nox, human Summoner--admin
Owen Bankstead, human Cleric--JPetherick
Raven, human Monk--marine7312000
Simon "Shank" Seymour, human Rogue--Benji
Tristin Fellow, human Oracle--rednetra
Image Kaladron Daladar-Elf Wizard 2/Fighter 1
Image Daglaron-Elan Psion-Wizard 3/Cerebremancer-Druid 4/Psion-Arcane Hierophant 3
Image Ryder-Halfling Cavalier 4
Image Scorpius Black-Human Rogue 4

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