The Forge [Headquarters]

The board has been set, the pieces have been moved into their proper places, and the opponents and their moves have been studied. The time to begin the series of events that will lead to possibly the greatest war since the times of the ancient Azlanti has come. The hands behind the final pulling of the strings...nothing more than a small band of villains forged to their purpose by a cult the likes the world has not yet seen.
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The Forge [Headquarters]

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The headquarters and primary base of operations (as there are many spread throughout Golarion at this time) is located within the Mindspin Mountains, securely nestled near a spring that helps provide water and draws nearby wildlife to help maintain the bases' supplies. This location served as the place where Mathias himself chose to place his most formidable of headquarters, forging a fortress out of the mountains consisting of many subterranean levels, towers, buildings above ground, and tunnels that stretch for miles. All through the judicious use of both magic and manpower.

The entirety of the grounds of The Forge, as the fortress has been dubbed, is magically concealed from prying eyes both from above ground and from passersby. The nature of this magic is a mystery to all but Mathias himself, some say that he has tapped into some ancient magic locked away in the very mountains (that being among the reasons why he chose to build here). Others have manifested various theories ranging from his sole contact to an ancient deity of humankind to his contact with dark and insane abominations from the dark reaches of the earth or the black between the stars. Those who wander too close and come within the wards, and survive, are swiftly dealt with by the guards posted who are well aware of nearly all that transpires within the boundaries of the wards.

These disappearances have been chalked up to ogres, giants, bears, falls into ravines, or any number of other reasons that could be caused by travelers venturing too far into the mountains. The dwarves of Janderhoff, the local group of Hellknights near Korvosa, and the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen all have failed to realize what lurks so near to them all. And, as fortune may have it (or perhaps by Mathias' original design), The Forge is conveniently located almost smack dab in the middle of Janderhoff, Korvosa, and the various orcs with the Hold. All of whom have a part to play in the first step of Mathias grand undertaking...
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