►►► Open PBP RULES: please read!◄◄◄

This section is for Play-by-Post games for any player, even those who do now own TOS+

This section is a free service offered to the Gaming Community: Please abide by the Rules!

►►► Open PBP RULES: please read!◄◄◄

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This section of the TOS Forum is to allow you and your friends to participate in a Play-by-Post game.
You are not required to have purchased TOS+ to enjoy Play-by-Post game with friends!!

  1. No Advertizing
  2. No Spamming
  3. No Rudeness or Flaming
  4. No XXX, Porn or sexual crap
  5. No posting in sections you are not part of (to apply for a game, contact the moderator directly or use the The Dice Room [PbP Related] section)
These guidelines can be expanded as needed.

Note that Game Masters (moderators) are responsible for their individual sections, including what his/her player posts. He is required to 'moderate' his players!

  • FREE! (register a free account to play)
  • Support for Character actions like Talk, Think, Whisper, Yell
  • Support for OOC (Out of Character), Spoilers and Active Effects (AE bbcode)
  • Supports Dice rolling
  • You can have your OWN sub-section for your PbP game
  • You can invite anyone
  • Supports Maps (images) and Files
  • Saves your posts, maps and documents, protecting against a home Hard Disk failure
  • Large community means an available pool of available Players

The process to start a new PbP is similar to that covered in the HOW to DM a Play-by-Post Game section, except that you may invite anyone, including players who have not purchased TOS+. You can also advertize your PbP (if you need to fill one or more spots) by posting a Player Request notice in the The Dice Room [PbP Related] section.

  1. MapTool
  2. Player's Guide to Play-By-Post gaming!
  3. HOW to DM a Play-by-Post Game
  4. The challenges of PbP gaming
  5. Pathfinder's Hero Points system: How to use

If you have any general queries about this section, please post them in the The Dice Room [PbP Related] section section.

Happy Gaming!
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