TOS CORE is a FREE Character sheet for both pathfinder RPG and 3.5 OGL
It is fully functional and is used to showcase its big brother, TOS+
TOS CORE has the CORE Races/Classes. Check HERE for the differences between TOS CORE and TOS+!
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Post by admin » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:44 pm

I've updated the DEMO version of TOS FIVE to version 1.20.1 and applied these changes/fixes!
Note that the DEMO version is based on version 1.13 of TOS FIVE, that was released in 2018. It lacks newer features like the ability to use Wild Shape on the fly, and the Bold text on the Back sheet.

  • Added version checking & control
  • Cleaned up images to avoid legal issues
  • The Bard College was being asked at level 1 instead of level 3
  • The advantage on saving throws vs plants granted to Druids of the Circle of the Land was granted at level 1 instead of level 6
  • Druid Circle was being asked at level 1, instead of level 2
  • Only the first Eldritch Invocation of Warlocks were being shown on the BACK worksheet
  • Some Weapon Special damage were not showing the + sign
  • Initiative was not taking into account negative modifiers for Dex
  • The second Personality Traits selection was missing on the Customize worksheet
  • The Healing Word spell was missing the 'At higher Level' part
  • The 'qty' column of the gear on the Front worksheet was not using 'squeeze to fit'
  • When redefining the "gold" to another currency, the title in the Treasure sheet was still using 'Gold'
  • The Hit Points could drop below 0
  • Fighters were getting their extra attack 1 level too early
  • The Purity of Body Monk ability was being granted at level 9 instead of level 10
  • The Preparing and Casting spells for the Wizard was missing the amount of spell to prepare
  • The highlight for the bonus skill proficiency on the Customize worksheet was missing
  • The bonus for the Gloves of Swimming & Climbing was not integrated correctly

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