Information on Perinal

Rumors Start At Home: During your tenure here in Perinal, there are vague rumors going about the city. You're not sure how the rumor was started, but the general consensus seems to be that the shard that protects the city has been severely damaged! This puts the city, and its populace, at extreme risk of attack, which could collapse the entire nation!

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Information on Perinal

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The Consult are a group of elite members of society that help us keep this city going. There are usually five Consult members, each representing a part of the city:

Jacinth of the Law
Emerald of the Market
Sapphire of the Home
Ruby of the Elite
Diamond of the Underground

The Consult, once choosen by the citizens, no longer have a name, and take on the name of their position. No one knows the process beyond them being voted for, except that they are choosen every twenty years.
The spires are a thing of marvel for Perinal. There are a total of 18 spires, which consists of one large main one, and two smaller ones. Each grouping is located at a gate.

N Gate - Ruby
E Gate - Sapphire
S Gate - Diamond
W Gate - Emerald
NW Gate - Jacinth
SE Gate - Obsidian

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