On the rope bridges of First Island

Enjoy an experimental trip into the world of play by post - explore the Kingdom of Tarati where peace currently rules, growth is at an all time high, and racism simply doesn't exist. Your DM is Sunbolt
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Post by Icthius » Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:37 am

Those with particularly good olfactory senses think you can smell flowers. If you take the time to pinpoint it's origin, it seems to be emanating from Aton, which is strange enough, but it's compounded by his feet leaving the ground, as if he were flying. He rises ten feet and surveys the situation on the bridge.

Spending 3 power points on Psionic Levitation and seeing what's going on with the upper bridge battle.

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Post by patransom » Mon Jan 15, 2007 1:22 pm

In response to Taman, Thandael shouts from above, "Things are well in hand up here brother! I think we have a captive."

An arrow flies from above, toward the men running across the rooftop (i.e. Thandael shot at one of them, +7, 1d6+1).

OOC: If the DM allows that you heard Thandael before manifesting, you may want to conserve your power points, Aton :)

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Post by Cyntinia » Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:39 pm

Anneka runs to the side of the bridge to see where the men are going but decide not to give chase. If anyone really needs healing she will go to them and help.
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