PbP: Brave New Perearth

A game that seems to change settings every couple of years; currently following the Age of Worms Adventure Path.

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PbP: Brave New Perearth

Post by patransom » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:16 pm


Title: PbP: Brave New Perearth

Brief description: as the forum caption says, this game seems to change settings every couple of years. Once upon a time, this game was a strange experiment in merging d20 Gamma World with D&D3.5. Then, thanks to a near-TPK and some divine intervention (and the votes of the players), it became a d20 Modern (Urban Arcana) campaign. After some difficulties and another player vote, it has become a Pathfinder game in a traditional fantasy setting (the Wilderlands of High Fantasy). We are playing Paizo's Age of Worms adventure path.

Rule System: Pathfinder

Validation Frequency: Weekly, usually Friday or Saturday, with extra validations when everyone posts and I have the time

Min/Max Number of Players: 4 to 6

Source Books Allowed: Pathfinder CRB

Classes and Races Allowed: Covered here

Starting Level of PCs: Covered here

Starting Equipment/Wealth: Covered here

Background Information: Covered here

End Conditions: This game will follow the plotline of Paizo's Age of Worms, adapted to Pathfinder. The Age of Worms covers 11 modules. The game will end when the party finishes all of them or (more likely) dies trying.

About ME: I started playing (and DMing) D&D back in the late 70's, "grew out of it" when I went to college in the late 80s, and recently returned to the hobby a couple of years ago. I've been DMing PbP games here for a few years.

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Notes: 7 PCs killed in the Gamma World experiment :evil:, none so far in the two "reset" games :wink:

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