PbP: The Madragar Campaign

Wrath of Pyraxus
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PbP: The Madragar Campaign

Post by klakxor » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:19 pm


Title: PbP: The Madragar Campaign

Brief description: GAME 1 - 10 years ago, the half dragon brothers, Trazill and Rawten, had raised the dragon demi-god Pyraxus by making the world believe in the second coming of the Seven. With the world distracted, they lead a group to the Northern wastes to retrieve his body. When the continents waged war around the Inland Sea, they took their dark master to its heart on the Island there, raising him to bring darkness to the world.

Sending their armies of creatures across the lands, they had laid waste throughout the continents. The ruthless “cleansing” of the human, halflings, elves, and gnomes had allowed the lands to be over run by monsters. Pyraxus has almost regained his full power and soon will unleash his terror onto the world.

Having split the lands, the brother’s rule from the castle in the In-Land sea, raised out of the very island in which the Demi-god was entombed. Fortified with high walls, they rule the lands mercilessly, killing anyone or anything that gets in their way.

Groups of elves, humans, halflings, and gnomes have collected on the Island nations to fight back. There are also pockets of resistance inside the Main continent of Madragar and are having some successes in the North-Eastern desert area. With the help of some good aligned creatures, they have started to take some of the lands back.

Rule System: DnD 3.5

Validation Frequency: Try to make it weekly, but I am very erratic. I hope to be back on schedule soon

Min/Max Number of Players: I am open to the number available in the game

Source Books Allowed: Any

Classes and Races Allowed: Any

Starting Level of PCs: 10

Starting Equipment/Wealth: Standard for Level 10

Background Information: Backgrounds are nice and give the character flavor, but were not a necessity here.

End Conditions: There are 2 games running concurrently, Game 1 will finish when they get to Aros. Game 2 will finish with the retrieval of the item. Game may continue with the two groups joined together

About ME: Been with TOS for several years and support it fully. I have been playing DnD since I was a teenager and have mostly played rather then DM'd. I stepped into PbP DM'ing with my first campaign (Madragar), which has been on and off for a while here.

MY Subscription End Time Community Moderator - unlimited!

Notes: I hope to make this game fun.

Signature: klakxor (AKA Jean)

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