And I take my DM leave.....

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And I take my DM leave.....

Post by klakxor » Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:36 am

To my players,

With deepest apologies, I am going to forego DM'ing my games. I have been unable to fully put forth the work and effort to keep these games going. What started as great concepts in my mind did not fully come to fruition.

I have enjoyed the myriad characters that I have been given and hope that you enjoyed the small amount of story I have been able to provide. Perhaps when I have time, I will take what you have all started and write a coupe short stories based on your adventures. You have all been great and patient and this is something I had hoped to follow through on.

As it turns out, I guess I am a much better player then I am a DM.

Thank you all,


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