Religions of Eberron

Sharn, the City of Towers, is known as a place to find anything. As Night rises, this city's mettle will be put to the test.
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Religions of Eberron

Post by shai-hulud » Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:07 pm

In Eberron, gods are far less important that the churches that worship them. For those without the Eberron Campaign Setting, here is a brief description of the churches and their beliefs.

Each of these are quoted directly from the Eberron Campaign Setting and/or Faiths of Eberron:

The Sovereign Host is the most common church of the continent. The Host encompasses nine gods--or fifteen, depending on one's point of view--who hold sway over every aspect of mortal life. While the Silver Flame requires worshipers devoted to a specific principle, and the Blood of Vol demands loyalty to the blood within, the Sovereign Host simply is. Where mortal matters intersect the natural world, the gods are there. Where nature offers its hand to those who live off the land, either with a nurturing touch or a pounding fist, the gods are there. Worshipers need not seek out the gods of the Sovereign Host, for they are present in every aspect of life, and in every feature of Eberron.

Deities of the Host:
Arawai, God of Agriculture
Aureon, God of Law and Knowledge
Balinor, God of Beasts and the Hunt
Boldrei, God of Community and Hearth
Dol Arrah, God of Honor and Sacrifice
Dol Dorn, God of Strength at Arms
Kol Korran, God of Trade and Wealth
Olladra, God of Feast and Good Fortune
Onatar, God of Artifice and the Forge

The Dark Six are considered cast out of the pantheon of the Sovereign Host because of their evil ways. Like their brothers, sisters, and parents in the Host, the gods of the Six hold sway over broad aspects of mortal life. The difference between the two pantheons, however--and part of the reason for the Schism that separates them to this day--is that the Six hold dominion over the more base, sinister, or violent aspects of creation. Where Arawai is a nature goddess who brings fertility and good harvests, her brother, the Devourer, represents the awesome power of nature unleashed, bringing storm and flood to those who displease or disrespect him or his charge. Likewise, Dol Arrah is a god of honorable combat whose brother, the Mockery, represents all that is treacherous and dishonorable in conflicts. Worship of The Six is less about respecting the sinful qualities of these gods, and more about earning their favor to protect them from it.

Deities that may be considered part of the Host, depending on your point of view:
The Devourer, Lord of the Deep Waters
The Fury, God of Passion
The Keeper, Lord of Death and Decay
The Mockery, God of Treachery over Honor
The Shadow, God Dark Magics
The Traveler, Giver of Gifts and Deceit

The Blood of Vol attracts followers fascinated by death and the undead. The most dedicated of these revere an ancient being named Vol, Queen of the Dead. Vol and her followers see undeath as a path to divinity, invoking negative energy in contrast to the positive energy that powers the Undying Court. At first, many were skeptical, but with the creation of intelligent skeletons and zombies who could tell their loved ones that all pain from living is gone, many have converted. In fact, this is one of the fastest growing religions in the land.

The Silver Flame is dedicated to protecting the common people against supernatural forces of evil, and thus it attracts a great number to its cause. The religion contains a single religious doctrine, called the Tenet of Purity: Burn the corruption and taint of evil from all Eberron. Other gods have begun the ceration, but it is the Silver Flame, by searing wickedness and darkness from their imperfect world, that must complete it. The Silver Flame is the one religion where the object of their worship is visible. No one in Eberron has ever seen a deity of the Sovereign Host. Some don't even believe they exist. Clerics worshipping the host can rape and murder without losing their powers, so clearly clerical ability is no proof of a deity's worth. But the Silver Flame is visible. In fact, it can be visited in Thrane, and spoken to. This, above all else, lends credence to the faith's doctrine.

Druidic sects:
If you want to be a druid, but don't have the Eberron materials, let me know. I will fill you in.

Warforged religions:
These are only relevant if you want to play a warforged. Let me know.

The Path of Light reveres a universal force of positive energy called il-Yannah, or "the Great Light." Most followers seek to perfect their bodies and minds through meditation and communion with this light to prepare themselves for conflict with the forces of darkness.

The Undying Court is worshiped by the elves of Aerenal. They revere their ancient dead. Some elves even paint themselves up to look dead. The dead that they worship are somehow different from the dead worshipped by the Blood of Vol. If you want to be an Aerenal elf, let me know and I will fill you in on more details.

The Cults of the Dragon Below worship horrors of Khyber, the underworld. They frequently seek to bring forth these horrible creatures.

Of all the religions, only the mad cultists of the Dragon Below are inherently evil. The rest choose a faith that suits them and try to live out their life in peace. What you worship and how you live your life is far less important than which church you follow. It is your church who will provide you will guidance and answers. Avoiding organized religion is a viable option, as well. But keep in mind, the more affiliations you have, the more sources of aid you may find, should you be in need.
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