Guild of Starlight and Shadows [Sharn party]

Sharn, the City of Towers, is known as a place to find anything. As Night rises, this city's mettle will be put to the test.
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Re: Guild of Starlight and Shadows [Sharn party]

Post by klakxor » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:36 am

Sadly, we have not talked about this yet. So in the interest of moving things along.


Jear grumbles a bit during their travels but really just keeps quiet while they are out in the open. When they reach their room for the night.

Jear's frustration is now evident as he loses his usual demeanor "Okay Rain. I know you know all the off the wall places and such, but what is with you and that woman and Grug. I just don't get it. She is dangerous for all I have seen and Grug seems to entranced by her. Ever since we got these marks, every single person I have met either wanted to kill me or hire me for something outside my understanding. To make matters worse, some of them want to do both."

Turning to Kirre, "I am sorry you are involved here somehow. We are supposed ot be meeting with big K in the morning. What was your beef with him again? Oh right, the glaive and the shifters. Perhaps once Rain tells me what the hell he is doing with that lady we can gove you more info on Big K"

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Re: Guild of Starlight and Shadows [Sharn party]

Post by Catalyst » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:03 pm

"I don't know what her deal is. She robbed us, then she tried to kill us, then she offers us a job killing the person the stole from, with the money she took. I don't know what happened with Grug, either. He hasn't been right since we got seperated on the platform. I don't know who, or what, she is, why she wants us to do her bidding, why she wants that person killed, and stranger still, why Jerand has such a violent reaction towards her."

Rain genuinely looks puzzled.

"Any ideas?"
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