Interested in Playing?

An entirely abusive world in which level 100 characters have to band together or be wiped out as the world itself is subjected to the will of Sunbolt and the members of this forum! OR maybe it's just about fun role play. . . .
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Interested in Playing?

Post by Sunbolt » Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:42 am

Those who are interested in playing must first PM me a character concept -
Please be sure to include
1)Name of Character
2) Race of the character (any standard race from the player's handbook or expanded psionics handbook will do - note - no races with level adjustments at this time.)
3) Classes of the character (not to exceed 100 levels) Try to keep it to three primary classes and two prestige classes or less. Include the book from which you found the class/prestige class - for ease of reference. You may use the entire "complete" books series, the core books and the expanded Psionics handbook. And naturally the epic level handbook.
4) A Character Concept & History.


Franko Pinecast
Elf, Ranger 35 (PHB), Soulknife 45 (XPH), Soulbow 10 (XPH) Agent Retriever 10 (ELH).

Franko was a strong young elf - maybe not in terms of physical lifting, but certainly in both willpower and speed. At an early age he took to the forests to defend his village and the surrounding forest life. His father, former captain of the guard, called him a natural and joked how Franko would take his place in the "family business" (being captain of the guard). Yet, Frankos life took a different turn when he discovered that he could bring forth weapons of his mind.
Franko was learning to shoot his bow when the Gnolls appeared. Not just one or two - but hundreds. They seemed to come from everywhere, it was as if the skies opened and the Gnolls just rained down. They began a killing spree that horrified the youngelf into panic. He stood and watched as his father called to the guard to organize a defensive line. He watched as Elf killed Gnoll and Gnoll until the overwhelming numbers swarmed and brought down the Elf.
His father did what he could to hold the line, sound a retreat, reform the line and hold. It felt like days, but in reality it was only hours. And Franko just stood there watching, until he saw his father about to die. A hawk swooped out of the sky right in front of him and let out a shriek before attacking that same Gnoll. That's when he was finally able to move. He lifted his bow and fired. He didn't stop firing until he was out of arrows - then he charged at the enemy with his bow, swatting at them at their clubs, not thinking, just fighting.
He remembered hearing his bow break. He remembered watching the splinters fall to the floor mixed with blood and pine-needles. Yet, he kept swinging, fighting off Gnoll after Gnoll, and they stepped back. He watched as blood sprayed after each swing.
Soon his father was next to him, then other elven survivors. He kept swinging and swinging until there was nothing in front of him. Only then did he fall to one knee and lean on his sword. Only then did he stop to wonder where the odd blade shining of blueish silver light had come from. He panted and stared at it - and when his father called his name, he watched as it flared a moment and then disappeared.
What followed was agonizing. Half his village was dead - the bodies of the Gnolls filled over two miles of forest - and the rest were not to be found. He never discovered where they had come from, or why they attacked. He only had questions.
Some were answered more easily. The sword was a manifestation of his will - an odd gift of inner power not seen often among the elven people of his village. After time, he learned to control it and do many extraordinary things.
He continued to guard and protect his people and their forest home. He went on quests, he explored his new powers, he became friends with the animals. His first friend, that same Hawk that had startled him out of paralysis, then others... All the while learning to work his sword, and then later his bow as his powers allowed him to change the nature of his weapon into an unending source of mental arrows. But through it all he was driven to discover where those Gnolls had come from, and how to stop them from ever coming again. Eventually, he learned of other planes of existence and how to work gates and other ways of travel. After becoming a local expert on the subject, he began to find a way to track across the planes. He went after the Gnolls, thought the trail had long cooled to nothing - never really finding them, but knowing if they ever came again, he would and could not only properly defend his people, but also bring justice later.
Now, the Gnolls are little more than a bitter memory, and he is a well known hero of justice. Men come in search of Franko Pinecast to have him bring all kinds of creatures to justice. Those who know enough of the planes to use them to escape the law in this world know they may have to evade him in others. Franko has never really "left" his village - though he travels far farther than others of his home - his village has flourished because he has turned in hundreds of "bounties" to the lawful agencies of kingdoms and governments around the continent. He traded the traditional bounties in for favorable peace treaties, trade agreement and other resources for his village and the surrounding forests - protecting them from more than pressing "threats" but from the most devastating danger there is, Progress.

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