Who's Who in the world today a bardic competition

An entirely abusive world in which level 100 characters have to band together or be wiped out as the world itself is subjected to the will of Sunbolt and the members of this forum! OR maybe it's just about fun role play. . . .
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Who's Who in the world today a bardic competition

Post by Sunbolt » Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:31 pm

Each of you is a legend in your own time. There are only a handful of people in the entire world who have attained what you have - and you simply can't do that without earning a name for yourself. Some of you encourage these stories - some of you keep to yourselves, and what others say about you - well whatever. For some of you these stories have escaped despite your best efforts. Still - you've been in scrapes - and with others - you've rescued or harmed or tricked or seduced others and they talked about it even if you did not.
Some of the stories simply aren't true, or are mangled quite a bit from the original tale so as to be not true. But enough of the true stories are about that your reputation precedes you when your identity is discovered.

Luckily we don't live in the world of the internet or television. Bards are the main carriers of news. People rely on them and believe what they say.

The bards are telling the story of your chosen characters - and they are under a truth spell placed by the bardic lords of the guild. Not only does the spell verify that bard believes what she or he says say - but the very nature of this spell (it's epic!) actually verifies if the story itself happened!

Because of this the audience that has come to the competition is made up of thousands. Kinds and Queens of neighboring lands have come here - to the Arena of Nobles the sight of this year's competition - because the topic this year is not to be outdone.

This year - the topic happens to be your characters. The greatest of the great still living legends of our day and age.

Each of you is - for the sake of this part of the game - playing a bard at the competition.

This is your chance to tell the world about your character.

For this post - you are not your character but a bard who happens to know a couple of truths about what your character has actually accomplished.

Choose one to three stories that exemplifies what your character has done in his or her exploits that earned 100 levels.

Finally, you should know that this is the world of your birth - even if many of you traveled from here to other planes or worlds - this is where you were born and in most cases bred. Much of your adventuring career was spent here and it is to here you always return, even if your current home is another plane. Something always draws you back.

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Post by shai-hulud » Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:24 pm

To begin, a child enters the stage and sings a nursury rhyme:
  • In a village of Halflings who love life and adventure,
    Those that were accepted were sent to academy lecture.
    The brightest named Daryn buzzed through school in a blur,
    But he could not resist thievery’s villainous allure.

    A young apprentice, Daryn yearned only to win,
    But his fighting and wizardry skills were thin.
    Yet in every bout he would overcome his kin,
    See he broke every rule and committed every sin.

    A wretched young boy aged into a murderous ilk,
    And even his own parents were targets of his bilk.
    Bounties were issued in each realm of honey and milk,
    But he evaded capture like strands of wind-blown silk.

    Impossible to see or hear coming, he is one of the few,
    Who can kill in broad daylight without leaving a clue.
    Children be wary, do not be tempted askew,
    Or Daryn may become angered and go after you!
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Post by patransom » Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:28 pm

From thin air, an ugly, elderly half-orc appears on the stage. It is quite obvious that the half-orc is blind, for where his eyes should be are only scarred and burnt sockets. He begins his story:

Surprised to see Sharz the Blind, outlawed in all noble houses, here are you? You shouldn’t be! I snuck in using my ring of invisibility, for none of your rules can stop me from telling my tale!

Know that I was once Sharz the Assassin, trusted lieutenant of Lokaug Vishnak! Yes, you should shudder at the mention of his name, for his Warband once ravaged these lands, burning, slaying, plundering, and offering sacrifices in the name of the mighty demongod, Tsathoggus! But it is not the tale of Lokaug Vishnak I bring you. It is the tale of another. It is the tale of how I lost my eyes.

It was 30 some years ago that my cruel master ordered me to divert a portion of our forces from our main march. I was to take these fell troops to the secret sacred village of the elves. There we were to defile the Temple of Sehanine Moonbow, for its existence offended the demongod. Only too happy was I to attempt this task, for elves are haughty and deserve nothing but pain.

With my troops, I crept upon the sacred village, spying upon it from a hill. As my master had promised, the village was unguarded. Its gates were open and before them stood only a foolish group of elf merchants, arguing about an overturned wagon in the roadway. Still, knowing the treacherous magics of elves, I devised a cunning plan.

I sent my orcish rogues to creep through the woods beside the road. So stealthy were they that even I, knowing where they were, could not espy them. Those stupid merchants would be the first of the damnable elves to fall before our blades, I thought! Then, as my rogues lept from the wood, I learned the nature of their deception. No merchants were these, but elvish knights! And they were ready for our surprise attack. They kept their backs to the overturned wagon, so that my rogues could not flank them, and soon the rogues fell to their foul elvish thinblades!

No matter, I thought, for my plan had more than one part. My goblins were tunneling beneath the village walls. They would avoid the defenders and make for the temple, slaying all within. But then the elvish knights moved into their village, right to the location where the tunnel would emerge! When my goblins burst forth, they were waiting and ready. The tunnelers were no match for these knights.

Enraged, I sent my last forces into the village. These were the werewolves, who surely would destroy the knights! They charged into the village in their human forms, so as not to reveal their true nature. But then, just as my lycanthropes shifted form, the knights drew bows and shot at them. I watched in horror as my werewolves fell. The knights had armed themselves with silver arrows! How could they have known?

Still, I would try to do my master’s bidding. I donned my trusty ring and slipped invisibly past the knights, into the village and into the temple itself. There I found only four elvish knights and a single priestess. This priestess was small, no more than an elf girl. Surely, I thought, I could slay this girl and spill her innocent blood upon their precious temple floor. As I crept around the knights and stalked toward the priestess, the foolish girl began a silly song. Oh, this kill would be sweet, thought I, to kill this priestess amidst her happy singing.

It was then I learned my folly. For no song was this, but a treacherous spell! My invisibility failed me as this girl pointed at me, shouting, “There, my protectors, is the knave who brought this evil upon our town. Have at him!” That pointing priestess was the last thing I ever saw, for the knights fell upon me and burnt out my eyes with their flaming blades! As they did so, the knights taunted me, “Go and tell your master to threaten no more the sacred village. For this place is guarded by Syasalil, High Seer of Sehanine. She is no mere girl, for she knows your every plot. As long as we are guided by her dreams and sight, no evil can catch the elves unaware. As she sees, so shall you not see!”

As this tale is told amongst the elves, it was the Seer's beauty that took my sight. But as you can see from my scars, it was not magical beauty or divine retribution; it was purely the cruelty of her protectors. Since that day, I have wandered in darkness, thanks to that wretched little girl. Although she must be a girl no longer after these thirty years, that is how I see her in my memory, singing as she points at me. Forever will I curse the name Syasalil!

With that, the ugly old half-orc slips on his ring and disappears

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Post by Sunbolt » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:57 pm

The crowd titters as the children's song is sung - but hearing the tale of the orc, they shift in their seats and a long hushed "ooooooo" is heard and a slight gasp when he disappears.

Then in the stands you hear a lone, but excited whisper. "This year's is gonna be the best one ever!"

(Well - where're the rest of them? As soon as the stories are introduced, you'll get your adventure.)

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Post by Icefire » Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:54 am

OOC It took a little while to come up with something and I'm still not happy, but so be it.

Alighting on the stage next is a slender lad, he stands looking at the audience before he begins. He tells his tale softly, but in a voice that carries.
"I come to tell a tale, a tale of a woman. The halfling village of Southfarthing was attacked by orcs, most of the village was decimated as they were caught at the height of a celebration. Many were killed. Some were taken prisoner, among them a young blacksmith's daughter, a girl known for her ability to create intricate jewelry. Belladonna bided her time, testing her bonds and the next day she was able to escape, for even as a youth she could get out of nearly any bond. She managed to not only free herself but the others taken prisoner and escape. Back to their village they made their way, only to find it decimated. Gathering what they could they scattered, the young Belladonna making her way to the city of Garland. She found for herself a new occupation when no one would hire a lone jewelry maker. Thieving and stealing became her trade and well did she do for herself. Never to be caught she has traveled this land, taking only from those that had more than enough. Now her name is praised by the poor and cursed by the rich. For if you find yourself missing a prize piece of art know that it goes to someone less fortunate than you. And know if you find basket of food and gifts that Bella has been to visit you."

He stands for a moment more before stepping off the stage.
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Post by shai-hulud » Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:52 am

The next bard does not appear at all. The voice changes as its tale is spun:

My name is on the lips of every child, and yet I haven't been seen in many years. I devoted my life to developing the most potent of illusions. No magic has been able to defeat it. I come and go without a sound. I can even invade your very mind.

I am Daryn, master of invisibility. You may have been surprised to see Sharz the Blind, but you would be even more surprised to see me. But, my illusions, they are common enough.

[A beautiful female appears on the stage]

My husband was a jealous man, and also a powerful wizard. But he was not so powerful when he caught me kissing another man.

[The form changes to a burly young man]

In his rage, I challenged him to dual. Believing me to be the voice of his wife's adulterer, he accepted. But, I was not there. I was nothing more than a figment.

[The form disappears altogether]

I plunged a dagger into his back, but he blamed it on my illusion. His evocations destroyed nearly half the city, but in the end, I stood victorious, for he had never seen me.

To this day, his family curses the name Daryn.

[The form appears again wearing regal regalia]

The king mourned the loss of his son, and I claimed victory over the greatest wizard of the land. And when his diviners learned the truth of the prince's death, I earned the first bounty on my head.

From there, I traveled through many kingdoms, searching for a worthy foe. To this day, I have never found one. Some men say I cheat to win, but I know I would win regardless. Why should I follow some code of honor? Men should simply bow down before me in recognition of my greatness.

[The form again disappears.]
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Post by guysorrow » Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:01 am

A simple man stands and begins to speak with a warm voice.

There are many stories of the common man who holds the heart of a nation. A man who has given his life in service of his country. A man who Fate rolls her dice against, but who always comes up winning. Admiral Garaias of the Lord's navy!

As Captain of the mighty vessel the DawnSky Garias and crew were sent abroad as ambassadors to the nations. Garias carried the Lord's seal for international trade decisions and brought much wealth and renown to our kingdom.

It was was during this time that war was about to break between the neighboring coastal countries of Voth and Deruk. The countries had feuded for generations but a pact had been reached 20 years previous and there was uneasy peace between them.

This was all about to crumble as on her 18th birthday the King of Dreuk's daughter Marissa was to attend the Royal Court in Voth, but refused. It was well known she was being sent to Voth to be married.

Prince Roland of Voth sailed ship to Deruk and sent messenger to demand the princess be brought to him. He advised he would wait for three days and if he sailed with out his bride he would come back with the entire Vothian fleet.

It was at this time that Garias and the crew of the DawnSky were stationed in Deruk. As a trusted advisor Garias suggested a neutral meeting between Roland and Marissa aboard his ship. It was agreed and the next day the ship departed for a 10 day voyage at sea.

Twenty days later war was declared between Voth and Deruk. The DawnSky never returned and the countries fueled by grief and anger turned on each other. It was another five days after this that Garias washed ashore in a small life raft with princess Marissa.

Garias and Marissa told a tragic story of young love. Garias explained how the prince and princess had shared his counsel for days. Saying that aboard the DawnSky Marissa and Roland were able to find peace with eachother, once they were away from the trappings of royalty. Garias said their love grew fast and strong and that he married them himself in front of the crew.

But on the voyage back there was a storm the likes none have seen in generations. Garias told the tradgedy of how the ship and crew were lost. He said Roland died saving Marissa from a fire and that because of Roland's sacrifice he was able to get her off the ship. Garias also said he manged to rescue Roland's journal written on the voyage. Although badly damaged the journal told of how the couple fell in love.

Garias and Marissa were not the only survivors that day, for the princess was also carrying child. Which she would later say she named after the father, Roland. This was how peace was restored between Voth and Deruk. One King kept his daughter and the other gained an heir.

Garias was awarded medals of valour from both countries, which to this day still trade favorably with our own kingdom. Now an Admiral, Garias still sits in our Lord's court as an advisor and voice for the people.

And with that the simple man simply bows.
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Post by Flinx » Thu Jul 12, 2007 1:49 pm

OOC: Disclaimer, I am not a bard, nor do I play one on tv (I do play one in one of the PBPs thought, so I guess that is something.) I make no claims on the quality of this post :)

A middle aged man steps up out of the crowd, dressed in bright colorful clothes, and carrying a lute.

"I am Rylar, a roving bard, and no one of consequence, however, once, years ago, I traveled with an entertaining group, and in this group was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. Emily was her name, and she was only a girl really, not more than sixteen at the time I knew her, but even at that time it was said that even the gods would stop to watch her dance, as would kings and queens. But she had a dark side too... That girl carried around a sadness with her that was almost a physical force. Other than when preforming, I never saw the poor girl smile... Well, that isn't entirely true. There was one other time...

It was nearing dawn, and we were on our way to perform for the the royal court itself, but as we neared the royal city we knew something was wrong. There was black smoke in the sky, and as we passed the outlying farms, we saw the bodies of villages everywhere. As we rode closer, we saw what the problem was: An army or orcs had invaded, and was laying siege to the city, and from the looks of it, the city walls weren't going to last much longer. Then the strangest thing happened... Emily sprinted forward, never seen anybody move so fast, and as she ran, two curved swords appeared out of nowhere. It was as if she were water, the way she flowed through that army, and following behind her must have been Lord Kelemvor himself, because every orc she passed fell dead. It was the most beautiful and yet terrifying thing I have ever seen, as she danced her way through the orc army, slaughtering them before they knew what hit them. Then she came upon the general of the army, a giant from out of the hills, and I thought that he would end her for sure. But, she didn't even pause... if anything, her blades moved twice as fast. I swear that she cut him a thousand times before he even had a chance to move, and the only moving he did was to fall to the ground dead.

After that, the orc army broke and scattered. She chased as many of them down as she could, but even she could not catch them all. But it was while she was chasing those that fled that I got a good look at her face, and for the first time, I saw glee in her eyes, and it scared me. No girl of her age should enjoy killing so much.

It was months later, and Emily was no longer with our troupe, when I overheard a half-orc talking about the battle that day. The orcs call her Deathdancer, and warn their children to run and hide if they see her coming."

Rylar then breaks into a song about Deathdancer, Kelemvor's dancing girl.
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Post by Tech Trooper » Thu Jul 12, 2007 5:01 pm

A lively young halfling takes the stage and is awed by the shear number of his audience. Taking a moment to compose himself he begins. “My name is Lex Bedenson and I bring you a song of a mysterious hero of halfing lore. The nameless one. The king of thieves. The magic blade. The blue eyed magician.” He pauses a moment and begins to recite his poem.

Forty years ago they say
He came from out of the wild
He could steal your purse from under your nose
Like you were a simple child

His frame was small His wit was big
His eyes were the deepest blue
He could pick the lock of the finest chest
He was the fastest you ever knew

He was known by many names it seems
He adventured throughout the lands
His enemies found themselves quickly dead
As lightning leapt from his hands

He never looked for fortune or fame
He carried dark blades of the blackest night
With them he would reap his foes
Coming and going magically from sight

The king of thieves The nameless one
He moves like a shadow in the day
All halflings know his stories
Wise men stay out of his way

When he was finished Lex made a simple bow to the audience and left the stage.
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Post by Sunbolt » Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:53 pm

The Bardic lords call forth one last bell -

"Any others who wish to enter their stories - may do so now!"

(If there are any other stories of your characters you'd like to share, now is the time - On Friday we move forward...)

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