What the players Know {history}

The gods came back to the world 30 years ago but not the metallic Dragons... Will the chosen ever come froward and put down the evil king and bring back the Dragons
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What the players Know {history}

Post by rednetra » Mon Sep 17, 2007 10:55 am

3000 yeas ago the land of Merk split into 5 main areas
- Human Kingdom
- Elvin Kingdom
- Free area
- Dwarf Kingdom
- Troll Kingdom Since the other 3 keeps them in that area as much as possible

There are 2 other areas on the map. The Void that know one in recorded History ever came out of if they went in. As well as Dragon Island were the Dragon Court Ruled. There was other Continents in the world as well is Island but Merk for the most part stayed to itself.

2000 years ago the great Gold dragon by the Name of Riikano-alinaris (nick name Bob) created the School for Adventuring. He was given by the human king at the time a small part of woods in his Kingdom for a location. (See other announcement for info on the school)

1000 years ago the Great Demon Figermondint Was put down for another 5000 years with the rings of Power.

500 years ago Bob stepped down from head master and Lig the human Wizard was appointed as the new head master. Bob stayed as a teacher in the school.

400 years two new races started showing up in the land of Merk. Know one knows not even them how they got here. The First was Wokkiee that took residence in the Elvin Kingdom since they were one with Nature and the others were the Twiliks who took up residence in the Dwarf Kingdom. .

39 years ago 6 people from the school set out in search of the Rings of Power to stop the Evil Syzdothyx from getting them and trying to kill the Gods.
- Racal Gnome Wizard still teaches at the school but never talks about this topic
- Maemune Human Samurai again also never talks about this
- Roxanne Swiftwind Druid went missing on a Mission for the school who also was the human Queen.

36 years ago almost all the elves left the other lands and went back home and the elves started to move agest everyone else and went to war.

35 Roxanne met the human prince they fell in love and married

34 After two years the elves stopped the war and went back to the way it was. Know one knows why they made a great many restitution for there Genocide but the other races welcomes them back like nothing had happened as if they knew what happened.

30 Years ago The Evil Dragon Syzdothyx was killed as well in the fight was the God Palor but the Elf Mieia who was part of the party to find the rings of power took over the Profile of Palor.

29 years ago The King of the human kingdom Died of Old Age and the prince and Roxanne were made the King and Queen and they had a Baby boy.

24 Years ago Roxanne as well as another of the party she was in to Find the rings went off on a Mission for the school both never to be seen again

19 Years ago the human King feel ill mysteries and Die and His and Roxanne Son by the Name of Ralph Swiftwind Became king.

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