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House Rules

Post by draconas » Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:45 pm

Lets get them all together for ease of referance, this may be added to before the game starts:

Proper falling Damage:
Falling is cumulative 1d6 per 10 feet fallen.
Thus 10ft = 1d6
20ft = 2d6+1d6
30ft = 3d6+2d6+1d6
etc... etc...
Cap is 100 feet for a standard size/weight creature (55d6 of damage if you are interested) after which i will assume you have hit terminal velocity.
Particulally dense characters (e.g. warforged) I will assign a higher cap to if the situation arises.

In some battles the area will have no floor, in such cases a combatent will fall for 100 feet, then appear 200 feet in the air immidately above. He will continue on this endless loop until something solid gets in the way, then damage will be resolved as above.

Staggering Criticals:
If you roll a natural 20 to confirm crit I up the multiplier by one and roll again. The victim must also save or die (as per massive damage). Note this also applies to when you get critted. This only applies if a natrual 20 is rolled to confirm crit, irrelevant of the weapons normal threat range.

You die on -CON hitpoints, not -10. (note that is CON not CON mod, I am not that cruel!)

Potion Miscability
If you drink mulitple potions there is a chance both will end up as perminant effects....
There is also a chance you will go boom.
You pays your money, you takes your choice.

Pinned fast
Anyone who is pinned by the maximum number of characters eligable to grapple them counts as helpless (and can thus be coup degraced). According to the SRD this is a 4 to 1 ratio, taking size modifers into account.
E.g. 1 medium creature needs 4 medium creatures pinning him to be rendered helpless, however he needs 8 small creatures, but only 2 large creatures to get the same effect. Similally a small creature can be pinned helpless by only 2 medium creatures while a large creature would take 8 medium creatures to effecitvely hold it down.

Style is everything
The rules are occasionally suspended because of the following:
Something would be particulally cool and rules should not get in the way.
The DM feels like it.
If one of these situations occurs, anything goes.
This rule only applies to the original arena. It does not apply to 1v1

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