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Starting at the top
The top left quadrent
Ruined buildings on a raised plateau. Only the one in F24-J25 still has a roof. The clif faces on the area require climb checks to ascend. The land slopes gently enough at a!5 and h15-j16 to allow normal movement.

Top right quadrent
It's a lake jim. Feel like a little swimming?

Bottom left quadrent
Steep scree slopes rising up as you get closer to square A1. and sheer faces. Anything that looks like a sheer face is and requires climb skill. If you label the tiers by colour, with the A1 tier being one, the next darker tier being tier 2, the very dark one being tier 3:
On each tier the ground is uneven and difficult, costing 10 feet of mvoement for every 5 feet travelled.
Tier 3->Tier 2 can be done without climb checks at square G7 and j4->n1
Tier 2->Tier1 cannot be done without a climb check, the shortest climb is cell E4.
Bolders can be climbed, hidden behind or for the string enough, pushed down on your enemies.

Bottom right quadrent
Thickly forested area, hard to see
The round structures in this quadrent are a pair of orc watchtowers.
The base of each tower is 50 feet in the air, giving them a view above the trees, level with the building plateau and Tier 1 of the scree slopes.
There is 4 foot high panneling running all around the side of the tower, giving partial cover to anyone in it. Anyone in the tower can crouch or lie down to get total cover, but loses visibility of anything outside the tower.
The tower is reached by a ladder running down one of the legs.

plain and open for some proper mano e mano face bashing.

Casams. Each one is 60 feet deep. Try not to fall down them.

the edge of the map.... There is none. Thee map is an island floating in sapce. If you fall off then you better have a way to fly, or are rendered dead.
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