Round 1 notes

Gladiator Game.
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Round 1 notes

Post by draconas » Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:18 am

Notes as I am going on


Firstly much hilarity at matching irthos against norrit, given they both had a very similar combat method.

Rurik against Fenrir is another one with similar methods - namely get as close as possible to start dishing out the pain with 2 weapons.

Despite being random the DM sheet seemed to like putting people in the forest and on the scree. Nobody started able to see their opponent and this was a major boon to the spellcasters as it let them buff up.


Gral started almost right where he wanted to be - starting at the base of the scree he spent the first 2 rounds climbing to the top, putting him in a good vantage and good position to attack.

Zog found himself worst off of my bunch - Corriander was on the scree making him hard to get to - Zog was going to take grief before getting in with that greathammer.

Round 1

Norrit V Irthos
Warmage DFA V sorcerer DFA. The pair have very similar methods of fighting - use DFA to buff up with invisible, see invisble flight before getting stuck in. Norrit started in the woods and spent several rounds casting DFA buffs. Irthos started in the middle at the top, went invisible then flew to the top of the scree and cast see unseen and voidsense then used his sorcerer spells to cast shield and reduce person, making him tiny.

Redneta can correct me if I'm wrong here but looking at norrit i think the idea was mainly warmage for offense and DFa for support. Not sure this is the best combo - DFA gets spell failure from armour and only 2 buff invocations per level as the other 2 have to be breath effects, but with your low constition the ref save for your breath was easy to avoid. Possibly warlock is better for this as it is based of charisma (like warmage) and ignores spell failure from armour, and you get 3 invocations per level and no restriction on them being buffs or eldritch blast effects.
Irthos is mainly DFA for offense - with con buffed as high as possible, the sorcerer for buff and control spells, with one offensive spell per level, generally long range to compensate for the breath weapons short range.

Irthos was hidden in the scree, thanks to his tiny size Norrit couldn't see him. However as Norrit had needed to use a FRA to get to the top of the tower Irthos had initative on him anyway. Able to see invisble norrit on the top of the tower Irthos suspected another caster (the invisible and wings mage it likely) and so opened with evards black tentacles.

Horrible spell against casters. The respective grapple checks were +18 for the tentacles V +1 for norrit. This was the end pretty much.

Norrit tried to fire breath his way out of it, but the spell description specifically states that tentacles are invulnerable to damage. Leaving Irthos to experiment with his 2nd level spells for knocking the hitpoints down.

This was when I noticed that because irthos was now a dragon reduce person didn't work on him. In punishment he was enlarged to medium size and the tentacles on Norrit released.

I had expected Norrit to use tentacles right back, instead he went for empowered prismatic spray. this was a bit of a poor choice as 1. empower doesn't work on prismatic spray and 2. irthos was out of range.

Then we have some sneaking about and Norrit pulling the same trick on irthos. Given he was in range Irthos put a clinging breath on Norrit, but, unimpressed by the damage, changed tactics next round to use a teleport to get out of there. Teleproting to near where he started- up by the buildings.

Now here was were Norrit made a big tactical error by taking a full round action to fly up, exposing himselfto Irthos' view. As it happened they both made their respective spot checks, however Irthos had the turn and wasted no time in applying black tantacles again then fireballing Norrit to death.

Corriander Versus Zog
Arrows exchanged and I became glad i didn't have Zog rage immidately given he now had to try and get up close and personal with corriander without taking too much damage. Also mountain rage would have made him large so he couldn't press into cover behind the ruined building.

After a quick bit of ranged exchanged Zog is forced to retreat back to the buildings to avoid Corriander just zapping him from the air.

So the shifter helpfully lands nearby and the fight kicks off. I gave zog a penalty for drawing a huge weapon whilst moving down a narrow corridor and he subsequently missed Corriander with the first blow.

Zog Rages, Corriander shifts, Goliath Greathammer V greatclub.

Can you tell I liked this fight? Proper oldschool giants knocking the crap out of each other. this is the sort of stuff I picture coming from the illyad, Xena or hercules tales. Big monsters, big weapons and the fight smashing the crap out of anything nearby.

Like Fenrir, Zog's weapon choice gave him a big advantage - he got 3 attacks and 2 at full bonus, being a pure strength build goliath he also had a few extra damage points on corriander and the shifter was forced to retreat. I liked the using a de-shift backwards to get out of threat range, it was pretty cunning.

After this corriander learned his lesson - do not go toe to toe with the big guy and just stayed away mocking him and blasting him. Game over really.

Tiber Versus Gral
The thing I was most upset about was tibers air walk ability - when the first arrow hit and scored high enough on its bullrish to knock him back 10 feet i hoped to knock him out of the tower (he made his reflex save to avoid it, but even had he failed the air walk would have saved him from 16d6 of fall damage).

The putting a wall of force up was a very good idea, and really screwed Grals attacks over that round - 2 of them made your AC, even with the tower giving cover. Got unlucky with the spot checks, Gral has a high hide modifier so even with the circumstance bonuses and penalties he stayed hidden.

Gral stopped shooting and started sneaking. He started on the top left corner of the scree(a12) and spent the first few rounds getting to the top while tiber buffered anf lew to the tower. While unable to shoot at tiber his plan became to get under the tower, which required sneaking along the top fo the scree to square J1. Then it was going to be a mad leaping dash down the screre slopes (taking fall damage) and into the forest.

However on reaching J1 I realised that a warmage shouldn't have WoF at this level, so questions were asked and this turned out to be benji's mistake.

Lord Silvermore intervined, smashing the WoF, knocking tiber out of the tower and removing his airwalk spell so he fell, but leaving him with the rest of his buffs. Tiber was on the forest floor and Gral merely had a hurried climb and jump down the slope as opposed to rushing like a nutter.

There was some hiding in the forest, which Gral was much better at and consequently got an attack from ambush which knocked tiber against a tree. When tiber didn't move and Gral got the ranged grapple off I thought it was all over. He could pepper you with impunity.

The wands were just what you needed - web caught Gral up for 3 rounds (and it was only 3 rounds due to 3 very lucky rolls) giving you time to try and brreak the grapple, and when you saw it was going to be difficult, use the wand of invisibility on yourself.

I was afriad it was going to be all over when you sued shout and revealed yourself, losing the miss chance protection. but Tiber got lucky.

In retrospect Gral should have thought that with tiber being some form of magic user he could probably fly, but the oppertunty to shoot you off the edge of the arena could not be passed up. The knockback property in the bow opens up so many silly options.

Tiber heals a bit then flies back into the fight. When the 2 of you spotted one and other I decided fuckit, straight slugfest to decide the winner. And it really was neck and neck - both characters had simialr HP and were going very similar amounts of damage. At the end of round 31 both Tiber and Gral were sitting on 33 HP. Well in the kill range of either grals arrows or tibers fireballs.

Tibvers best move was not to slug it out and to use sleet storm to blind the goliath. I cocked up here because I only used his move action to move so could only move 20ft - which was still just inside the fireball radius. Net result Gral got caught in the blast, and even though he made his save it was too much damage.

Fenrir V Rurik
Fenrir really did have rurik outclassed here.
Druid buffs combined with well chosen stances, he was sitting on 8 more AC and a fairly similar amount of damage originally with Ac going up for every miss (a good counter to the barbarians rage). The armours flight ability let him close the distance between them immidately and ignore terrain penalties.
Rurik got some lucky blows in early, but I figured that unless Rurik got lucky with hammer and anvil (which required a melee hit with each weapon and then fenrir to fail a fort save (bit less than 50:50) I knew how it was going to end.

I was pleasantly suprised by lucky blows however, the fight literally went blow for blow in the early rounds. Spending the money to put the wounding property on each weapon really paid off here - in some rounds the CON loss doubled the damage Fenrir took and basically kept rurik in the fight.

In the penultimate round Fenrir got extremely unlucky, missing all 3 blows, 2 of which hit ruriks AC but were reduced by power attack. Rurik only managed 1 hit but it meant that in the next round it might be that Fenrir falls to Rurik if the dwarf can get a pair of lucky hits in.

Luck reversed thouh and Fenrir got in all 3 blows in the final round, which thanks to power attack was enough to take rurik into the negative HP.

Overall was a good fight, through Fenrir was the better man and deserved the win. I was annoyed to realise halfway through that the tempests AC boosting class feature was not active, costing rurik several AC points that might have made all the difference. Annoying, but serves me right for not checking properly.

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