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So far

Post by LinusMundane » Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:51 pm

Users and class/races submitted so far:
MonkeyAlpha: Human Wizard
shadokeeper_69: Human Mage(wizard or sorcerer?)
Klaxkor: Human Bard
TheGreenLabrador: Forest Gnome Druid
Benji: Human Ranger
Larenee: Half-Elf Druid
rednetra: Elf Rogue
fnord: Half-Elf Rogue

I will add to this as more post, if more post. I would like to see a cleric pop up, but if not that is fine as well.
Image Glugglug; Orcish Paladin of Tyranny
Image Bone Crushnsmash; Fighter of the Bloodthirst School
Image Collin; Monk
Image Nani; Rogue
Image Dwanthor; Hill Dwarf Warlock


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