Posting Format (plus Spells Memorized and Power Points)

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Posting Format (plus Spells Memorized and Power Points)

Post by MonkeyAlpha » Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:53 am

Following suit of other PbP games... please adhere to the following

For uniformity, use yell, talk, think, whisper, ooc and so on for the appropriate commands.

If you're posting attack/damage/skill modifiers and so on use italics and tell me what modifiers you're using so I'm not guessing or forgetting, like this:

charge +2 attack/-2AC, flanking +2 attack, power attack(+10 dmg, -5 attack)
+1 flaming greatsword attack +10, 2d6+16+1d6(fire)

Spells: At least one other PbP game has a thread for spells memorized. Would current (or future spellcasters) be interested in having a thread to track their spells memorized for ease of reference?

Power Points: When manifesting a psionic power, please include how many power points you are using and how many still remain.



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