Background and Stuff

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Background and Stuff

Post by draconas » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:40 pm

BG and Character creation

Number of players: 4
Starting Level: 10
Incase it's relevant you have one half the XP required to level
You will not be levelling up through the campaign though.
You are a gestalt character of whatever combinations of class you can make add upto 10 and can fit into TOS+
If you run out of custom class slots thats a subtle hint, you've got too many classes!

Ability Scores: Use a 40-point buy, as per the DMG

Valid sources:
Check the invalid list, if its not there, then chances are its good. Please run it by me first, there are a few things I can't get access to (including dragon magazine, if it didn't make it from the mag into a sourcebook then its a nono sorry).
I will also allow stuff from the Mongoose supliments but that must be run by me first, some of the stuff is good, some of the stuff is bad, some is just plain wrong

Invalid Stuff
Psionic classes. Races with inbuilt psionic abilities I will allow so long as they mimic a spell and have uses/day.
Truename magic
Munchkin d20
Book of Vile Darkness/Exalted deeds
Archmages note: just because you can't use it, doesn't mean I can't

Races: Any from the above range: standard, monsters, things with tentacles. So long as HD+Class+ECL = 10 then thats fine

Classes: Any from the above range. As this is a gestalt game you are likely to get more from having a standard race (and thus 10 levels of classes) than one with ECL or racial hitdice. I am particulally looking for interesting combginations from: Incarnum, Tome of Battle, anything unusual -> we've all seen the core classes used in every combination under the sun - I want to be suprised

Alignment: Any

Hit Points: Full, you will need them

Take the standard dosh for a 10th level character.
Anything from the above sourcebooks is good but I want to know where it came from
Legacy weapons from WoTC sourcebooks are also all good. Talk to me about assigning it an equiverlant GP value.

Religions: Any

Sheet: TOS+ only please

Post Frequency: Once a week. Validation will be picked for a convient time for everyone. I will then validate at that time, anyone who has not posted and not pm'ed me a reason will stand there like a lemon. Yes, even if your character has 2hp and is standing next to the angry barbarian with a big axe, he will just stand there.

This is just so you have a guideline of what you will be working to.
Thanks to Shai, this is a butchering of the Eberron character post.

Somewhere in your past wanderings you had all heard of the slightly mad lord Silvermore, Archmage and supremem ruler of the city of Tarrus which takes up almsot the whole of the plane of Dengra. Whispered stories have gone to every corner of the multiverse about Tarrus and lord silvermores arena.

The archmage uses his collossal power to pull in fighters of all sorts from all over the multiverse and pit them against a series of ever harder bouts for the amusement of the crowds.

Then all of a sudden there was a flash of light, and you found yourself in the arena. With Lord silvermore telling you what a great honour it was to be entertaining his mighty citizens.

Pity you don't remember if any of the stories mentioned people actually winning the arena.

you have been pulled into the mother of all gladiator arenas. Who you were nolonger matters, all that does is the hordes of enemies that stand between you and your freedom.
Your characters will be pitted in a group of 4 against an ever increasing difficulty of monsters in waves
The number and type will change from wave to wave - you may get a horde of goblins or a single ogre. You won't know until they appear. There will be as much variation in numbers, types and the type of terrain that you fight on.
The wave is considered over the round the last enemy falls in.
There will be traps, the traps may be equal oppertunity weapons, they may be smart.

There will be a pause between waves, this will vary from 30 seconds to 10 or so minutes, depending on the will of the crowd. You can use this to prepare/heal/loot the fallen corpses. You will be told how long you've got.

At the end of each wave a certain percentage of spells/use per day abilities will regenerate. Initally this is set at a generous 50% (rounding down) so if you cast 2 1st level spells in the first wave 1 of them will spontaniously reappear, similary if a paladin heals 20 hitpoints with LOH, they will regain the ability to heal 10 hitpoints in the next round.

For those who spontaniously cast this is a simple, for those who prepare spells which spell you get back depends on the whim of the crowd.

This regeneration only effects spells that were used in the current round, if a spell doesn't come back then its gone forever.

Hitpoints will not regenerate, gladiators are expected to heal themselves or be hard men and continue to battle on!

Waves will continue until Lord Silverkin says stop, or you die, whichever comes first. If a cleric in your party raise deads you, then thats just fantastic, get back into the fight.

Keeping the crowd sweet will result in random occurances (regenrating spells, time between rounds, where you end up on the terrain as it moves for the new round) being more in your favour. The reverse is also true.
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Post by draconas » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:44 pm

At the moment I am still looking for character concepts, not TOS+ files.

I've had a few on the announcements forum.

Concept doens't have to be immensely detailed, just who you are, what you are, where you come from and why you should have the honour of having your brains bashed out in my arena.

In the first run through the area I will give prioirty to:
Most interesting and unusual characters, show me some of the stuff we never see!
Richard if he wants to play ;)
Experienced players, especially the small legion of DM's we now have

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Post by draconas » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:45 pm

A reminder, and the reason I am asking for concepts, not character sheets, this game may not happen, it depends on 2 main factors:
Work not getting worse (I work in IT and as several board members will tell you, it can get very busy very quickly)
My landlord fixing my room so my big stack of books move from a pile in a corner and back onto shelves.

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Post by draconas » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:44 pm

Custom rules in effect:

Gestalts and prestige classes
You may gestalt into 2 prestige classes at once, so long as you meet all the pre-requisites.

Proper falling Damage:
Falling is cumulative 1d6 per 10 feet fallen.
Thus 10ft = 1d6
20ft = 2d6+1d6
30ft = 3d6+2d6+1d6
etc... etc...
Cap is 100 feet for a standard size/weight creature (55d6 of damage if you are interested) after which i will assume you have hit terminal velocity.
Particulally dense characters (e.g. warforged) I will assign a higher cap to if the situation arises.

Staggering Criticals:
If you roll a natural 20 to confirm crit I up the multiplier by one and roll again. The victim must also save or die (as per massive damage). Note this also applies to when you get critted. This only applies if a natrual 20 is rolled to confirm crit, irrelevant of the weapons normal threat range.

You die on -CON hitpoints, not -10. (note that is CON not CON mod, I am not that cruel!)

Potion Miscability
If you drink mulitple potions there is a chance both will end up as perminant effects....
There is also a chance you will go boom.
You pays your money, you takes your choice.

Style is everything
The rules are occasionally suspended because of the following:
Something would be particulally cool and rules should not get in the way.
The DM feels like it.
If one of these situations occurs, anything goes.

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Post by draconas » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:58 pm

Playstyle note:

This is not a friendly DM game. Most of what you fight is intelligent and will act that way. They are being summoned and placed by a very intelligent archmage for the whim of the crowd. Expect down right basterdly behaviour.


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