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My DMing style

Post by Benji » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:49 pm

As a DM I try to be fair to all my players. If I occasionally seem to be 'picking' on someone then please let me know and I will aim to redistribute the pain!

I give XP rewards for most things. Monster kills, trap removal, role-playing bonuses and quest rewards are the main ones. RP bonuses are character specific but the others get split up amongst the part.

I also have a rather odd system taken from numerous computer games. This is simply called 'Cursor'. If at any point in a battle you say something like 'I hold the cursor over Target A' or something similar then I will give you a general idea of how badly hurt that enemy is. This can only be used once per battle. Once a character uses it in a battle, it can't be used again by the entire party for the rest of that battle.

Regarding Invisible Castle, if you want to use it then fine, if you don't then that's fine too. I will always use my own dice rolls for certain skills that don't have an immediate indicator of failure (Disable Device and Search being the main ones) as well as those that get used automatically (Sense Motive, Spot and Listen). For most other things feel free to use Invisible Castle.
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