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The battle before the amnesia.

The companions entered the small hamlet one day in the afternoon. Nobody knew where they had come from, or why they had come to this place, but there was something about them. A sense of purpose.

They paid for lodgings, two nights in advance. The innkeeper was more than happy to let them stay, paying customers were rare in these parts and the silver of strangers glittered just as strong as that of friends.

It was on their second day when Krill decided to attack.

A horde of goblinoids rolled out of the surrounding forests. Thousands of goblins, hundreds of hobgoblins, dozens of ogres and a few hill giants all charged with destruction in mind. Leading them was the enigmatic Krill. Whilst he would not show his face on the frontline, we all knew that the leader of hordes was there, directing his minions on their assault.

He didn’t need a horde to do his job. He was targeting a hamlet with a militia of ten. Krill never left things to chance though, when he launched an attack, he made sure of it. The goblins led the charge, shrieking as they quickly over-ran the few who stood defiantly in their path. Blood flew everywhere, limbs were severed in sprays of gore and heads were caved in, good men died.

Then the goblins ground to a halt.

The eight companions stood in their path, weapons drawn, and a smile twitching on each of their mouths. The goblins stopped because of what the companions had brought with them. Standing in front of each companion was a creature of legend. A giant stone ox, a flaming eagle, a floating tiger, and a bear made of ice all charged the goblins who shrieked again, only this time in terror. Blood went flying once more, only this time it was goblin lives being struck down. Two more creatures of myth appeared in the midst of the scared creatures, one as black as night, the other as bright as the sun. They didn’t attack; they merely stood there, shedding their essence into the goblin ranks and destroying just as many as the four elemental creatures shredding the front ranks. To complete the ensemble, a giant elemental of water and one of pure electrical energy appeared on the flanks of the goblins, they too charged.

It was over in a minute. The eight summoned creatures all disappeared at once, leaving no goblins in the hamlet. The few who had survived the onslaught had fled back into the trees. The eight companions chuckled at the cowardice of lesser creatures and strode forwards two steps. They gained two more before the next wave of attacks came in, this time it was the hobgoblins. They were Krill’s elite troops. The goblins were just fodder, meaningless grunts meant to weaken enemies. The hobgoblins would always finish the job. The companions exchanged a look and as one reached their hands to the skies.

Bolts of lightning rained down, none hit the creatures but each bolt sent great clods of earth flying into the air. As the earth rose, the hobgoblins stopped their advance to watch the display. Fearless in combat, they sneered at the scene. The defenders had missed! Each watched the earth come crashing down again and got ready to start their charge once again. Once again, they were stopped. This time, the recently hit ground raised itself in a circular perimeter around the creatures. It didn’t completely enclose them, the companions could still see the confused looks on many a goblinoid face. After the lightning and earth, the hobgoblins wondered what was to come next. Maybe more of those dangerous beasts from earlier?

Not this time. This wave would be handled with greater care and attention. The two companions who had summoned the lightning and earthen wall stood back a step, letting the remaining six step forward again. The grass around the hobgoblins began to char and sizzle. Before the creatures could realise what was happening, they were immolated in the sudden flames shooting up from the ground. The hellish pyres disappeared as soon as they had appeared, and the attackers were veterans, they would not be done in by a little fire. So then they were assaulted in direct order by ice, wind and water. After that devastating attack, the only creatures remaining were the sturdiest of the elites but they still numbered around a hundred strong and were very angry. They began to charge again. This time, they were surrounded by a sphere of light. Within the light could be seen numerous shadows dancing around, tearing through hobgoblin bodies and eviscerating the remains.

The companions chuckled again. All of the creatures lay dead and once more, not a scratch had landed on their shoulders. Almost three thousand goblinoids dead and not a single bead of sweat touched their brows. Just as they began to wonder when they might be challenged, the ogres broke through the woods in a crashing run.

Looking on from the various houses, civilians wondered what would come next. More magic? Another batch of summoned creatures? No. This time, the companions used martial power to overcome their enemies.

They charged forward to meet the ogres, weapons glinting in the light. As the two forces met, there was a clash of metal on metal. Those few who continued to watch the battle saw just how fluid the defence was. Blades swished through the air, every attack severing a limb. Blasts of eldritch energy sent gaping holes through ogre chests. All sorts of weapons were used in this battle; one even seemed to have voluntarily changed into a large and shaggy looking cat!

Within moments, the battle was over and what remained of Krill’s army was in full retreat. The companions had won the battle.
It had taken five minutes.
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