Chapter Three: Death's Lament (Gir & Nain)

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Chapter Three: Death's Lament (Gir & Nain)

Post by Benji » Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:45 am

Approaching the other Inn, Nain hears a ruckus by it's doors. Hurrying forwards, she notices a bedraggled dwarf being thrown out of the place by a burly half orc bouncer. The bouncer bends down and whispers something in the Dwarf's ear before kicking him hard in the gut. The Dwarf staggers for a few paces before falling over in the middle of the street. Soon, loud snores are heard coming from his mouth. The half orc sneers at him before going back inside of the inn. There are a few cries of congratulations which quickly get muffled over the sound of generic drinking.

Gir arrives just in time to see Nain walking up to the door.
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