PbP: Rise of the Runelords

Millennia ago, the powerful empire of Thassilon ruled the land, dominated by despotic runelords who maintained their power through harnessing the power of rune magic. Thought gone forever, the workings of Thassilon are not so far beneath the surface and one of the runelords plans a return to power. Only the brave adventurers stand in his way.

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PbP: Rise of the Runelords

Post by Duniagdra » Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:37 pm


Title: Rise of the Runelords

Brief description: The fledgling town of Sandpoint needs you!

A sinister evil is awakening and has recruited a promising tool to his rise to power again. A string of murders wracks Sandpoint to its foundation. Plots and the history of ancient power becomes revealed as our heroes uncover the ancient catacombs beneath Sandpoint and a plot of a follower of Lamashtu to raise Sandpoint to the ground in ash.

Still, there's a darkness rising and our heroes are trying to get to the root of it.

Rule System: Pathfinder RPG Core Rules

Validation Frequency: Mondays and Thursdays for combat or more frequently of players post action before then. As often as possible otherwise.

Min/Max Number of Players: 6

Source Books Allowed: All currently release PF RPG Source materials. Required: Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide, Core Rule Book, and the latest released version of TOS+. Future material may be permitted pending approval. Currently allowed, The Adventurer's Armory pending approval.

Classes and Races Allowed: All pending approval.

Starting Level of PCs: 1st. Current level is 5th, as of 06/23/12.

Starting Equipment/Wealth: By class average. Higher level replacements are by character level.

Background Information: N/A

End Conditions: TPK or campaign completion.

About ME: I love D&D and this is my first real time being a DM.

MY Subscription End Time Duniagdra is an EPIC Contributor folks!!

Notes: I validate often and gauge a player's activity by the number of times he/she misses my validation without notice. When in rounds, I'll be sticking to Wednesday morning validation at the very least. If you have not posted by time I post, your turn is lost. If you're able to post as I'm in the process, it will be considered, unless this gets to be regular practice for a player.

Leveling HP rolls will use the following system:
  • 1d4...1d2+2
  • 1d6...1d3+3
  • 1d8...1d4+4
  • 1d10...1d5+5
  • 1d12...1d6+6
This means that if your character rolls a 1d8 each level, you now roll 1d4+4 instead. HP at first level is MAX HD plus 6.

I plan on this to be fun and fast. Are you interested?

We will also be using The New PbP BBCODE for die rolls that has been enabled here on this community forum in sub-forums where needed.

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